CDN means nothing but a Content Delivery Network which provides content to the end-users with high availability and better performance. Nowaday’s CDN has become very essential especially for the media companies as well as e-commerce vendors, that’s why they pay to CDN providers for delivering their content to their audience of end users. And currently CDNsun  is one of the best as well as most effective content delivery network providers. Therefore here I am going to write a complete as well as easy review of CDNsun. I am sure after reading this review of CDNsun (Content Delivery Network Provider), you will be more confident about it.

Review of CDNsun - Content Delivery Network Provider

Review of CDNsun & Comparison

What is CDNsun?

CDNsun is the best content delivery network (CDN) at the low price, consisting of over 70 locations worldwide. It was started in 2012 in Prague. CDNsun gives global video streaming and content delivery services, with a focus on software as well as game delivery, live video and video on demand, and website acceleration services.

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Network of CDNsun

The Content delivery network of CDNsun having over 70 data centers across the world. They have just excellent servers which are all outfitted with the fastest availability and high performance. You will be capable to deliver your content faster to any visitor in the world by using CDNsun network.

Key Features of CDNsun

Review of CDNsun - Content Delivery Network Provider

CDNsun provides global video streaming and content delivery services, with a focus on software as well as game delivery, live video and video on demand, and website acceleration services. The biggest benefit of CDNsun is affordable pay as you go pricing with no any commitment while still getting access to a large worldwide network footprint. CDNsun supports HTTP/2 and free custom SSL certificates.

CDNsun Pricing

Review of CDNsun - Content Delivery Network Provider

CDNsun pricing is totally transparent as well as shared on their website. You pay for how much data transfer you require/ month with no any hidden charges as well as no any commitments. Rates start approximately $45/TB for worldwide delivery as well as go down with volume.  All plans of CDNsun include the same feature set.

Here are complete pricing details of the CDNsun along with all features available with them.

Numbers of RequestUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Price/Spent GB$0.045$0.043$0.041$0.038$0.035$0.033
Monthly Charges      No Any ChargesNo Any ChargesNo Any Charges  No Any     Charges  No Any          Charges   No Any              Charges
Minimum Traffic Needed/ MonthNo Traffic


     2 TB         5 TB    10 TB     50 TB     100 TB
Amount of Websites    10          30                30       50        50         50
Streaming        YES          YES           YES    YES      YES       YES
HTTP/2         YES        YES           YES    YES      YES       YES
Raw Logs         YES       YES            YES    YES      YES      YES
CDN SSL         YES        YES             YES     YES        YES        YES
CDN Storage          YES         YES              YES     YES         YES        YES
CDN API           YES          YES              YES     YES       YES        YES
Free Backups          YES          YES              YES      YES       YES         YES
DDoS Protection           YES          YES               YES      YES        YES         YES
100% SLA          YES           YES               YES       YES         YES          YES
Support          24*7          YES          YES             YES     YES         YES          YES

Why to Have CDNsun?

  1. CDNsun is the best Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider at lowest price.
  2. CDNsun doesn’t take any monthly fee, no setup fee and no any quitting fee.
  3. Every people can try CDNsun’s services for 15 days for free.
  4. API, Custom SSL, 20 GB of storage space, integration support as well as 24/7 technical support are provided free of cost to all customers.

One of the best ways to decide whether CDNsun is good or not, simply comparing it with other content delivery network operators. Here below I have revealed a table of CDN providers along with traffic as well as charges applied.

 CDN Providers       CDNsun     MaxCDN      Fastly    Amazon
500 GB$20$39$60$60
1 TB$40$79$120$120
5 TB$180$299$600$600
10 TB$340$499$1200$1200
50 TB$1600$2560$4400$4400
100 TB$2450 – $3000$4810$7400$7400

This was the review of CDNsun including what about it is, its features, pricing as well as comparison. Now I think after reading this review of CDNsun content delievery network providers, you will be sure about it.

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