Top 10 Free Article Submission Directories to Boost Traffic

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Article submission on quality directories is one of the best way to boost blog traffic as well as to get quality backlink. You should try out article submission method if you want to gain more quality blog traffic. Thus, I have prepared a fresh list of top 10 free article submission directories to boost blog traffic. You can start with these article submission directories.

Top 10 Free Article Submission Directories to Boost Traffic

Top 10 Free Article Submission Directories to Boost Traffic

1. Ezinearticles

Ezinearticles is one of the most popular article submission directories online where you can get millions of articles. If you want to submit your blog article free of cost, this directory can help you to get free website traffic, popularity as well as permanent backlink.

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2. Articlesbase

Articlesbase is an admired free article submission directory where you can submit your articles for web or blog promotion. It is one of the biggest web portals on the internet where users can submit articles for article marketing as well as increasing visitor.

3. Hubpages

Hubpages is one of the great place for internet users who want to make money online by submitting unique articles as well as promote your blog article and gain lots of traffic from Hubpages. Users can write articles on their interested niche or topics and earn money from revenue sharing program. It allows users earning money through many kinds of ad programs such as Amazon affiliate, Google Adsense, eBay partner network and Hubpages ad program.

4. Squidoo

Squidoo is also one of the best revenue sharing article submission directories on the internet where users can submit useful, helpful and informative articles to get free traffic, backlinks as well as money from submitted articles.

5. Suite101

It is one of the most famous article submission directories where users promote their articles and make money from revenue sharing program. Suite101 displays advertisements with articles as well as share revenue to authors. You can also get a backlink from Suite101 as well as get lots of traffic to your blog. It is one of the oldest article submission directory that was started in 1996.

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6. Helium

It can help you to promote your blog article on the internet free of cost. If you want to boost backlink with traffic, this site can help you to get your target speedily. Thousands of authors submit here their useful articles so that they can get free traffic to their blog or website easily.

7. Buzzle

Buzzle is a simple article submission directory that receives thousands of visitors daily. If you want to submit your website or blog link, so you can get a permanent backlink as well as get thousands of traffic. It is one of the most popular article submission directories on the internet.

8. Bukisa

Bukisa is one of my favorite article submission directories where you can earn money by submitting articles as well as get a backlink and visitor to your website. It helps users making money online with their revenue sharing program. Bukisa show chitika as well as some other best cpm ads on users articles and share ad revenue.

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9. Goarticles

One of the biggest free content submission site on the internet where you can get millions of articles that can be reprinted on your blog or website. You can also submit here useful and informative articles for free web promotion and backlink.

10. Articlesnatch

Articlesnatch is a useful article site that helps users driving huge traffic. Thousands of authors promote their articles every day to generate free traffic and get quality backlink.

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  1. Satyajit Seal on

    Does Google allow Article submission nowadays? Is there any chance to get penalty, if anyone submit article?

  2. Hi Satyaji Seal,
    yes Google Allow article submission on these directories. But In these directories, few directories are allow you to submit your article links or your blog, and few directories allow you to only submit fresh and unique article. but you can link your blog in that article.

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