14 Free Social Media Marketing Tools All Blogger Must Know

Social media marketing is now widely used to promote blog content on an online platform. Social media marketing is mostly conducted on the more popular platform such like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube. Sometimes, managing lots of Social networking accounts can be intimidating and confusing.

14 Free Social Media Marketing Tools All Blogger Must Know

There are hundreds of free social media marketing tools that are available on Internet but the difficulty is to finding the ones that will serve your needs successfully. To know which tool to look out for here’s a list of 14 Free Social Media Marketing Tools created specially for essential functions like providing analytics, scheduling posts as well as filtering through content.

14 Free Social Media Marketing Tools

Account Management


Allows you to access as well as manage your Facebook, Twitter along with LinkedIn accounts from a single dashboard. You can even plan your posts for the three social networking platforms so that you can keep up shamelessness during your updates.


This tool helps you manage your Twitter account by building it easy for you to track your most active followers, answer questions send by other Twitter users as well as to sift through direct messages or mentions that may require your attention. It gives you information of your Twitter activities – including information on users that un-followed you.


This easy-to-use tool has a simple dashboard where you can concurrently see as well as manage your social networking accounts on Twitter along with Facebook.

Content Curation


This tool makes it simple for you to save blog content such as articles as well as images for sharing on your social networking accounts. After installing Scoop.it, you can simply save content URLs for sharing. You can also put together this tool with HootSuite.


Like Scoop.it, you will be capable to save online articles for future posting. As you search for new content on the Internet, Storify allows you to categorize your finds according to its topic.

Google Reader

This tool is an RSS feed reader that frequently checks for new content on your much loved news sites as well as blogs. You can customize the notifications that you will get so that you can be immediately updated of new blog content that you can share with your Social network.


If you want to know the newest trends and topics regarding your industry, related products as well as competitors, Topsy is a useful tool for that intention. This will help you keep on up-to-date with the newest news and happenings that can change your brand.



This is a great tool that tells you vital metrics that will give you an insight on when the most perfect posting times are the Klout scores of your Twitter followers as well as your top and most admired posts on Facebook. For the entire information that Crowd Booster make available, it’s understandable that they recommend their services for a price.

Facebook Insights

This tool will help you track the increase of your Facebook page and the impact of your posts. The analytics that this tool offer can help you enhance a better understanding of your fans as well as the areas of your campaign that need enhancement.


This free social media marketing tool provides influencer scores using social media activity as well as interactions as its basis. There are 400 variables determine one’s Clout score. It also gives insights on which areas in your campaign have to improvement and which activities give the strongest influence for your blog.


Much like Klout, HowSociable give you with a importance score based on your social media activities. Your score will establish whether you have a strong sufficient online presence and whether your blog is reaching your target audience.


Aside from a social media accounts managing system, Engag.io also provides insights regarding the people that you are interacting with online. This will help you determine whether you should focus more attention on assured individuals and see if the people you interact with are more likely to share your content.

Brand Monitor

This useful tool moreover provides a dashboard where you can deal with your social media accounts. It also takes you to conversations among users where your blog is mentioned. This will help you become an extra active participant in interactions where a genuine interest for your products is already present.

Google Analytics Social Report

If you already have a Google Analytics account to determine your website’s performance, Social Report can be simply integrated into your dashboard which will help you have access to an overview of your social media marketing improvement. This tool will give you an easy-to-understand apparition of the visitor as well as activity traffic in your social networking accounts so you’ll know which the busiest times on your accounts are and what type of content promote the most interaction from your followers.

These are only some instance of the wide variety of tools that you can use to make your social media marketing more organized as well as effective. Without these tools, you will have a hard time determining whether your promotion is doing well or not. These tools will also help you make enhancement in your tactic to make it more successful.

You can use these tools as regularly as you like and you are not limited by the ones that were giving on this list. To know which ones work greatest for your objectives, think free to try as many of them as you like to see which ones you think the most comfortable in using.

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