5 Easy Ways to Create High-Quality Backlinks for your Blog

Create High-Quality Backlinks for your Blog- Are you facing difficulty in managing link building for your new blog?

Building backlinks for a new blog have always been a challenging job for each blogger in the blogosphere.

It is even critical for newbie bloggers who cope a lot between time management concerns, inadequate SEO experience, etc.

If you are a budding blogger and need to increase your link profile here are some tips that will work wonders. Let’s start with easy ways to create high-quality backlinks for your blog.

5 Easy Ways to Create High-Quality Backlinks for your Blog

5 Easy Ways to Create High-Quality Backlinks for your Blog

1. Create Compelling Infographics

Are you aware that you can get quality backlinks from images? An infographic is marketing technique with a focus on building high-quality backlinks. It’s one of the warmest and best ways to drive one-way backlinks to your website.

There should be some viral components an eye-catching infographic should have:

●       Great design

●       Well researched and statistical data perform well.

●       At last Outreach and promote your infographic similarly, you do for your regular content.

If you have excellent design skills, Use Adobe Photoshop, but if you’re not a designer by nature, it might be better to get a designer by looking on a freelance website.

In case you can’t afford freelancers, then it’s time to give a try to tool Canva. It is the best image editing tool for newbies to make compelling graphics very easily even if you don’t know how to design.

Check Mashable as example they publish a lot of infographics from all over the Internet.

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2. Social Media Is The New SEO

 Although social media links are considered as no follow links, they still matter. Google assumes social network shares as a part of their ranking systems. If you get pretty good social shares on any social network like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, then you keyword ranks well in search engine results too.

3. Document Sharing Sites

One more method to get quality backlinks is by submitting your e-books, articles to document sharing websites.

It can be done by converting your blog posts into pdf files and then upload it document sharing sites by leaving a backlink to your site.

Most of the bloggers are hesitant to using this method, but it gives you some high-quality backlinks because Google trusts many of these sites and some other search engines and links from most of these document sharing websites are also dofollow links. Top Document Sharing sites are: Issuu.com, Scribd.com, Slideshare.net, etc.

4. Guest Blogging

The method I love for link building is Guest Blogging. Guest blogging is yet a match made in heaven in term of SEO as long as the website where your guest post is shared is of quality and the links being included in your content of quality as well.

The backlinks developed via guest blogging are an authority and high-quality backlinks as most blogs you will be guest posting for have been trusted by Google over time, and they don’t publish copied or duplicate content.

If you write an informational and quality content post, more people will start to link to it which in turn gives you more authority to you and your blog.

5. Blog Commenting

Many arguments are revolving around the web that blog commenting cannot be used to build backlinks; I am telling you what I tested, and I am ensuring you blog commenting works for building backlinks.

People mostly stay away from using blog comments as a form of link building technique because this drives to spammy practices of just posting for links sake. When Google looks at your link profile and if you have a lot of spammy anchor texts, then you are likely to get a big hit by Google.

Tip: Do you know that your web hosting also plays a big role in Search engine rankings. If you have opted for Slow Shared Hosting then you are might be hitting by Google in their search ranking. Check out an ultimate guide on How Shared hosting affects SEO Rankings?

However if you use comments suitably, and it is appropriate to link to your site occasionally, then you are more liable to add value to your website in the eyes of the search engines.

As you say you are giving good comments and adding meaning, so this is a natural practice, but purely looking at it as an excellent form of link building then I think you need to rethink things.

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Bonus Point: Be Active On Quora

Are you aware of Quora? For those who do not recognize, Quora is a Q & A based community which was started way back in 2009.  With over 3 Million visits per day, different people write answers ranging from Food to Fitness to Relationships to marketing to Blogging to Hosting, etc.

Currently, It has become one of the most Famous websites on the World Wide Web. Quora is getting around 37% of traffic from India. So if your Blog depends mostly on Indian traffic, it can be a benefit for you. Of course, there is a considerable amount of traffic from the US too.

Once you sign up for Quora (free to join), pick and follow the topics you are interested in, and answer the questions related to your community.

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