5 Effective Ways to Build Brand Trust Using Social Media

Build Brand Trust Using Social Media- Social media has become more than a platform to promote blog posts, products, services, and other documents. It is a better place to get your business conversions and to get some loyal fans for your goods and services.

All the social interactions you do can help your brand to build trust, and you can even form a community around your site or brand.

Here all you need to create is trust and relationship with your customers and clients to encourage them to become your loyal fans and also to become referrals of your brand.

Over the last decade of time, we have witnessed a massive change in the buying behavior of the customers. Many surveys have proved that and a recent study of Statista shows that “In 2015 there are 1.46 billion of digital buyers worldwide and this particular stats will rise to 2 billion of digital buyers worldwide in 2019.”

5 Effective Ways to Build Brand Trust Using Social Media

This evolution of digital consumers has changed their mindset and behavior, and this behavioral change has to force the needs to superior customer experience, enhance online reputation on social media platforms and also by generating the positive word of mouth marketing will impact the overall business.

Now, if you want to build trust and improve your brand awareness and popularity on the social media platforms, then I have powerful techniques which can help you to build trust on social media.

Let’s go the topic,

The Five Effective Ways to Build Brand Trust Using Social Media

1. Inspire Your Visitors By Thought Leadership And Lead Them To Success:

The first and useful step you have to do is to inspire your audience by your thought leadership abilities. The thought leadership is the key to establishing authority online, and it can increase your presence and bring recognition to you and your brand.

Social media platforms allow all brands to make use of effective two-way communication with their customers.  There are various ways to show the abilities of the thought leadership and to build authority some of those ways are consistently producing high quality content, frequently answering question, helping others with their queries and also addressing some burning issues and challenges and so on.

Ex: Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin helps Moz to establish an excellent thought leadership:

5 Effective Ways to Build Brand Trust Using Social Media

2. Define A TAT For Online Responses:

Responding to the queries in right way and quick sessions can build trust drastically. Most of the advanced brands always tend to hire an online reputation agency to ensure that their clients are getting right answers on time.

Some companies also invest in other monitoring tools like Hootsuite, Buffer to ensure that prompt immediate response. Here they focus not only on the quick response but also to resolve customer’s problem as quickly as possible.

Most of the customers actively seek support and get answers to their queries from Twitter, Facebook and some forums.

Always address negative comments in a positive way, simply don’t be afraid of those observations. Be transparent in accepting an issue and treat your clients and customer positively.

A study of lithium proves that only 20% of brands are promptly responding within two hours on Twitter although this was the old report you can find some increase in that percent in recent business changes.

Windows sets the expectation right with its dedicated support:

5 Effective Ways to Build Brand Trust Using Social Media

3. Make sure you consider social responsibility:

To build the trust of your client’s, you should consider social responsibility. Because social responsibility is the key to initiate the trust among the group. Your clients and customers should know about that your brand isn’t concentrating on profit too much but also it is helping others by giving back something to the society.

4. Personalize The Experience Of Your User:

Having a personal touch can improve your conversions. So it’s always best to have a name and fame in the social media. It is utmost important that you should have a personality and you should have your tone to speak up.

Because people always tends to look the character and judge the profile whether it is a real account or a fake account. So you should always ensure personalizing experience. So that your fans and customers now that you aren’t an automated bot and you have a real voice.

5. Make Sure You Avoid Bait And Switch Models:

Online paid advertisements or the other clickable content assets should always deliver some value and promises to your customers, or else you should use them in your plan of execution.

Marketers create click bait using creative title generators, but at the same time, they should deliver the same value in the content too.

End user experience is essential in creating trust so you should be able to resonate with the offer you provide and the landing page, both alike.

Don’t ever use the false offers and illegal content to encourage your customers to click your ads. Content which you provide always create some expectations to your clients, so it is important to deliver only promised content.

Bait and switch method usually breaks the trust of your customers because most of the time marketers don’t deliver the value and then it results in negative word of mouth.

If you are a brand, then you should have consistent offer and communication so that there is no misunderstanding or no confusion of your offer.

Ex: 5 Effective Ways to Build Brand Trust Using Social Media

Here is an example of the click bait and switch method where a customer is unsatisfied with the click bait method and post a comment.


This is all about “five effective tips to build your trust on social media” if you have any other ways to build trust and authority in social media then you can share with us in the comments section. I’d love to see your comments, and I wish to take your suggestion as well.

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