6 Apps You Need For Getting Your Life Together In College

Do you remember the device that used Hermione in “Harry Potter and prisoner of Azkaban” to perform at all her lessons? It is a time-turner, something that cannot take place in the real world. Everybody envied her because she had an advantage above others. However, we have smartphones that have useful powers too. Nowadays, modern technologies offer many tools to lessen student`s lives. If you are aware of them then you can release more of your potential during your studying. We understand that some students strive for self-educating apps, but other are too lazy and will better visit Edu Birdie. Although, there are hundreds of apps and websites and sometimes it is easier to give up looking for the perfect for you than to spend days in software markets. Luckily, we have analyzed and tested more than 100 free apps for college students and found six that will become perfect assistants for every student. They won`t take much memory at your storage and will become your faithful satellites during intense studying days.

6 Apps You Need For Getting Your Life Together In College

6 Apps You Need For Getting Your Life Together In College

1. Alaram apps

6 Apps You Need For Getting Your Life Together In College


A student`s days begins while he gets up. If he fails this task he risks to fail all his businesses for the day. To prevent this from happening you must foremost download a powerful alarm app. You need that kind of an alarm that will wake you up for sure! That is why we highly recommend Maths Alarm Clock. To switch it off you will be asked to solve some math task. You regulate the complexity of it. When you turn off a simple alarm clock it requires only to push the button or to slide a screen. But to switch off Maths Alarm you must involve your brains, thinking activity in particular. For those who need more strict morning conditions, there is a more inventive app –  Sleep If U Can. To make it stop uttering noisy sounds you must GET OUT OF THE BED and take a picture of your sink (or any other object in your flat, its up to you)! As you see, alarm tools are one of the best productivity apps for college students because they save their working day.

2. Dictionary.com

It does not matter what is your major – you always have new words, terms, notions to learn. Vocabulary apps will come in handy for everyone, especially if you want to make a fruitful preparing for your exams. That is why one of the most helpful apps for college students is Dictionary.com. This application is free and it has 2,000,000 definitions. The main app has search history, word origin and history, Word of the Day, synonyms, antonyms, and a thesaurus. You can also purchase such options as a medical dictionary and encyclopedia.

3. Dragon Dictation

Every person has a need to take notes. You must write down important points from the lectures. You need to fix the statement given by your teacher during the lesson. You need to save some thoughts of your friend from the conversation. As you see, there are several needs in making notes. Luckily, you do not need to carry a notebook with a pen or a recorder to fix all the important information. Save your poor fingers and use it only to download Dragon Dictation. This app converts your audio records into text notes. It is the best among other note making applications. You can save your memo, or send as a message to somebody.

4. Todoist

It is vital for your time management not to forget all the tasks for the day. Moreover, to succeed in your tasks to must prioritize them. It is a perfect planner among helpful apps for college students . Todolist can help to arrange your tasks it lists and optimize them. You can use it to track your academic assignments, make reminders, bookmark Web pages you visit. As you see, it can do nearly anything to improve you self-organization and academic performance. We recommend combining Todolist  with a Web browser plugin for more profitable use.

5. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Numbers always surround students. They need to count their budgeting to survive in the dorm. Sometimes they must count prices during the dating. The fact is that every student cannot avoid calculations. But sometimes the brain is not able even to complete a regular equation. And what about students with technical majors? Their tasks require far more functions that cube root calculation. In this case a scientific calculator app will be your best choice. It can solve a range of mathematical problems. With this great tool you won`t be helpless if you face any task connected with figures.

6. Cram

Students are usually loaded with new material from various subjects. It could happen that in one night they must  manage to learn a poem by heart, study some philosophical theories and learn new foreign language lexis.  If you need some help in learning ANYTHING by heart you should use flashcard apps.  Cram is a top app that allows user to make flashcards. It is available for both iOs and Android, it is the most beautiful app on this list according to its interface. After the installation of Cram you will connect to the website, which is an immense base of flashcards submitted by other users. In case you cannot find cards according to your topic, in Cram you can create your own heap of cards and practice them. After making up the set, you work with the certain card. Each card has a front, back, and hint section. You can add a picture and descriptions. It is a function that distinguishes Cram among other flashcard apps. You have to options to use these set of flashcards: memorize and cram. The process of learning through flashcards is simple and you can have fun. You will be provided with a performance report once you finish practicing each set of cards.

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