7 Blog Writing Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

There are many tips of easy changes that you can build to your blog writing that is able to increase traffic to your blog or website and have a major effect on its long-term increase.

7 Blog Writing Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Rather than relying on search engine optimization(SEO) actions that could find your blog normal as spam in a future Google algorithm change or a change by other important search engines, focus on writing blog posts with the following top 7 Blog Writing Tips to Increase Blog Traffic in mind.

Rather than suspicious from your post articles, these tricks improve it as well as improve the visitor experience, which are impressive Google and other search engines reward.

Top 7 Blog Writing Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

1) Include Keywords in Blog Post Titles

It is first and most important point in my topic “7 Blog Writing Tips to Increase Blog Traffic”. So, remember that when you are writing article to increase blog traffic must include keywords at the beginning of your blog post titles. An interesting and important title is always the best option, but if you can insert your keyword phrase without hurting the title, after that do so. The before in the title you can include the keyword, the better for search engine optimization purpose. Remember, relevancy and helpfulness should always be a higher priority than keywords.

2) Link Internally

While you are writing new blog posts, think about technique that you could link to older posts in your collection or to pages on your blog. If you can suggest additional, helpful article through an internal link in your post, embrace it. Not simply does internal linking help with search engine optimization as well as increased blog page views, but it can also help the visitor experience on your blog or website as long as you’re linking to helpful and relevant internal article.

3) Think about Link Placement

Linking internally to your own blog or website posts and pages is imperative but it’s also important to include those internal links early in your blog posts. In actuality, the earlier you can use them, the better. Preferably, internal links must be used in the first third of your post with external links used later. Again, put the visitor experience first, and don’t harm your post by prioritizing link placement over post article.

4) Keyword Linking

Avoid linking the similar keyword or keyword phrase to multiple URLs. In the same way, avoid linking difference of the same keyword phrase to the same URL. Google doesn’t like either of this strategy. The extra consistent you can be in your linking, the better for your visitor and search traffic.

5) Maximum Number of Links in Your Blog Posts

Don’t stuff links in your blog posts which you have update on your blog. Not only does doing so build it hard for readers to know which are the most imperative and helpful links, but it’s also a spam method that Google and other search engines will penalize your blog for if you’re fixed. Instead, limit your links “together internal and external” to one link per 125 words.

6) Write Posts of the Right Length

Blog posts must to be long enough to give enough contexts for both users and search engines to understand what they’re about. So, write enough in your blog posts that Google can crawl and index them, but avoid writing accordingly much that users don’t want to take the time to read your blog bots.

7) Publish New Blog Posts regularly

It is also one of the major points in my topic “7 Blog Writing Tips to Increase Blog Traffic”. Blog posting regularity has an effect on incoming traffic to your blog extensively. Not only do search engines send extra traffic to blogs with incessantly updated article, but social sharing increases as well.

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