8 Things to Think for Indian Bloggers Before Start Blogging

Blogging is a great method to make money online and express yourself in blogosphere. But, in past decade blogging has entirely become a mean to earn money online.

Therefore if you are an Indian blogger after that for you things may be little bit different from bloggers outside India.

8 Things to Think for Indian Bloggers Before Start Blogging

So we look what might you have to think before starting blog or blogging if you are an Indian blogger.

8 Things to Think for Indian Bloggers Before Start Blogging

1. Whether Blogging will be a Part Time Career or Full Time

In India as well as around the world blogging is done on part time basis and Full time basis. If you would like to make blogging as your career option then you have to figure out whether it is going to be your Part time job or you will do in Full time.

I want to say that “Do not take blogging casually” if you seriously consider that you will make your living only through blogging after that you have to take it as a full time job. You can still do blogging as your part time job as well as make money online.

So Indian bloggers should be clear whether blogging will be there part time career or Full time.

2. Blogging for Hobby or Just for Money

Indian bloggers must be clear whether they are blogging for the sake of money or they are doing it just out sheer passion.

There are many bloggers who blog just for the reason that they enjoy writing as well as communicating with their Loyal readers. But, there are bloggers who are mostly called webmasters and they run a blog with an aim to make money year after year.

So, both are two different things. Therefore, you should be clear in which category do you fit in for the reason that there is a difference between blogging for money as well as blogging for hobby.

3.With Blogging you can’t Earn a Living in Few Days or Months

As an Indian blogger do not start blogging Career with an aim that you will start earning sufficient money to feed your family, no it is not going to happen.

In blogging, you do start making money online in few days or weeks. It is a method and it takes time to make a readership and after that you start earning some amount of money.

Therefore, if you want to be a blogger then do not run off your full time job. You must quit your job only while you are able to make sufficient money from blogging.

So I want to say that, Indian bloggers must never make that mistake.

4.Good Knowledge of English

It is my best things  to Think for Indian Bloggers Before Start Blogging. So Never acquire the language for blogging casually. You must have good knowledge of English. Here I am talking with high opinion to Indian bloggers.

In India, as we all know that English is not their first language. Thus they do some basic mistakes in writing blog article which could be avoided.

Hence, see to it, that you learn proper English as well as then start blogging if you are an Indian.

5.Niche or Topic of Your Blog

This is another challenge for an Indian blogger to start Blogging Career. He needs to think as well as come up with an idea on which he will be making his blog.

To make a blog you need daily article which is unique, attractive and of high quality. So, you have to choose the topic of your blog very suspiciously.

In India, you will find bloggers which generally writes regarding technology. In reality, most of the Indian bloggers are writing regarding technology. Very few of them write about culture, arts, life, beauty, health etc.

Therefore, you decide the niche of your blog carefully.

6.Writing Skill / Marketing Skill

As I said earlier blogging could be regarding your passion or making money online. Equally, you could be blogger also with a great writing skill or with a marketing skill. It means, generally bloggers have one of the skill.

In India, I have seen that bloggers generally lack marketing skill. They are just not able to encourage or persuade readers to promote or sell products.

Therefore, you need to get both of them in your blogging career.

7. You Earn Less Money through Contextual Advertising

These are few truths that an Indian blogger who is in blogging for a while now should know.

In India, if you are apply for Google AdSense program after that the cost-per-click (CPC) is very low match up to countries like USA.

Therefore, Indian bloggers make less money relative to bloggers in developed countries.

8. No Social appreciation for Bloggers in India

Lastly, this is the crux of our entire discuss. In India, still people are not attentive of blogging. They do not believe blogging as a serious career.

Here, what they all know is professions like doctor, lawyers, engineers etc. Still blogging is not very much in India.

Youthful generation living in urban India only knows regarding blogging, rest of India is totally unconscious regarding this term.

Therefore, it is hard to find social acceptability while it comes to blogging in India. So, It is one of the best Things to Think for Indian Bloggers Before Start Blogging.


Well! In this article, I written some of the problems that bloggers in India might face. Therefore it is recommended that they take note of them before they start a blog or blogging.

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