Basic Things Every Teacher Needs to Know About Dyslexia

Every child that comes into the world is special, and every one of them possesses different skills and talents that are brought up by their parents and their teachers. Parents have their own part in the upbringing of their child but what’s interesting is that according to research, a child is 70% of what he learns and is taught in his or her school which means that teachers are equally responsible for making a child’s base as much as the parents are.

Basic Things Every Teacher Needs to Know About Dyslexia

Now if you also are a teacher or going to be then this article is what you must read. Here we are going to discuss those basic things that you must know about Dyslexia which is a common disease found in children nowadays.


Dyslexia is basically a reading disorder which causes trouble to a child in reading even if his intelligence level is perfect yet he or she may find it difficult to pronounce or get the words together and read them out. It is known to have two types, one is the language processing, and the other is visual processing.

What Causes Dyslexia?

There has been no proper justification of the main cause of dyslexia. However, scientist says that it can be caused both due to genetics and environment. If it is caused due to genetics than the symptoms start showing up at a very small age and if it is due to the environment and surroundings then the symptoms can be seen mostly in adulthood.


Try to talk to them as much as possible and make them read their favorite book more often and if he can’t then make them listen to audio books or read them their favorite book yourself and later question them regarding the story of the book.

Try to take some time out and read the storybooks aloud to them and try reading it together too so that they can improve on pronouncing and focusing on words.

Other Complications that come with Dyslexia

There are plenty of other complications that Dyslexia can cause to a child if he or she is not treated at an early stage.

They may over react in class as they get frustrated by not being able to concentrate, read or spell words out, so you need to calm them down and take measures to make them feel relaxed. Kids with Dyslexia are slow compared to the normal kids as they take some time to respond to any question or information and they also find it hard to learn what you teach. Another research on Dyslexia showed that kids with this disease find it hard to solve math queries and they also have a hard time in counting and learning numbers.

Overall Verdict

Dyslexia is one of those diseases that has no proper treatment to it till date. And there are no medicines or pills for it too, but you should always check and test if your child is suffering from this disorder when they start going to school because it can’t get treated, but it surely can be improved and stopped from getting worse. By using different tactics mentioned above, you can improve your child’s condition and stop it from causing any more harm to him or her. Lastly, people do need to talk about Dyslexia awareness because it is just growing and growing at a rapid pace and we all need to treat it as soon as possible.

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