Best High Paying Affiliate Programs To Monetize Your Blog

In this Online World, affiliate programs are the most profitable way to monetize a Blog. While PPC ads can obtain you money, it’s affiliate ads that can get you genuine money. However, it worth a lot which affiliate program networks you selects. There are thousands of affiliate programs exist however unnecessary to say, not all of them are the best high paying affiliate programs to monetize the blog and earn a good amount of money from the affiliate program. If you select a bad affiliate program, you are just wasting your time. Today I am going to share a list of best high paying affiliate programs to monetize your blog or website.

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs To Monetize Your Blog

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs To Monetize Your Blog

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the first high paying affiliate programs to monetize your blog, but it still is going more than well. It has an enormous selection of offers, as well as numerous exclusive offers you won’t find anyplace else. Most of the brands to have an affiliate program can be found on Commission Junction. But the crisis is that for trendy brands you require to be permitted by the advertiser.

Extremely often when the advertiser isn’t accepting new affiliates, you get discarded even if your Blog and promotion skills are out of this world. However, still, there are lots of other brands to try on Commission Junction. The commission rates there aren’t the utmost in the industry but still, it is probable to find products that pay 50% or extra in commissions.

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ShareASale is one more amazing and best affiliate programs to monetize your blog with offers in lots of niches. It has leads, sales, and still clicks, so the selection is really awesome. As a whole, the commissions there are giving, though this certainly depends on the advertiser & the product.

ShareASale has a huge band of advertisers & thousands of products to select from. The downside is that lots of Blogs are rejected, so if your Blog isn’t a good one, it is fairly possible you won’t be declaring at all.


Amazon is another among the extremely well-known affiliate programs to monetize your blog. In terms of an alternative of offers, it beats all another network – you are free to promote approximately any product sold on Amazon. The commissions aren’t incredibly giving but you can use it to monetize approximately any niche.

Amazon is one of the greatest choices for books & CDs but it also converts well for health products & household appliance & other stuff, food, etc.


EBay is also an enormous choice for approximately any niche, though its choice of offers isn’t as enormous as Amazon’s. Access to the program itself could be difficult because they have many affiliates & are very picky while new affiliates would like to join.

In provisions of commissions, this is not the maximum paying network but if you can reach good sales quantity, you can make decent money through it. It is the best high paying affiliate programs to monetize your blog.


Clickbank is the best alternative for eBooks & other digital products. Its user interface & logic is not the best you can find & very often you will ignore great products simply for the reason that you can’t find them. But as a whole, this is one of the peak networks with actually generous commissions.

Appropriate to their payment terms, Clickbank is a type of hard for a beginner for the reason that if you don’t make sales you are charged for this but nevertheless, it is still very valuable, particularly if you have lots of traffic to your Blog and are serious in your affiliate hard work.

Max Bounty

Max Bounty doesn’t have the thousands of offer the better networks have but it is an actually good network. It has lots of leads & many exclusive offers. It also has several of the easiest kind of offers – email submits, which don’t pay a lot but convert much more easily than sales & other variety of leads.

Many offers permit search traffic so you can start promoting them correct away, even without the need to make a landing page for them.

Peer Fly

Peer Fly is comparable to Max Bounty but they offer extra products to promote. They also have lots of leads and a lot of special offers, as well as a good choice of email submit, so if you are looking for various easy affiliate products to start through, give it a try.


LinkShare is one way or another comparable to Commission Junction & Amazon because they offer products in lots of niches, though the choice is certainly not that enormous. One of the best things regarding them is that if you are from the US (United State), the $1 payout make it simple to get your money soon, pretty then have to wait till you make $100, as the threshold for most other networks is.

One of the major promoters here is, where you can get products in lots of niches. Their commissions are the type of low although still there are products that pay 50% or extra.

Never Blue Ads

Compare to the others, Never Blue Ads isn’t the greatest network however if you didn’t have success among the other networks on the list, give them a try. They are picky regarding the affiliates they recognize but it isn’t that difficult to join them. They do have exceptional offers so it won’t hurt if you try them.


PepperJam is also among the good affiliate programs to monetize your blog. But it is not as big as the others on the list. It has good sell offers, so if you are looking for an Amazon-like Blog or website to promote it is feasible to find it on PepperJam.

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  • Reply Fakharuddin Manik June 22, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    Hi Amit,
    Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to monetize a blog. Amazon Affiliate is best one which is use to monetize one of my blog. And happy with Amazon Affiliate because I make more than 300 USD per month from a single niche blog.
    I think MyThemeShop and Payoneer Affiliate Programs are also best for bloggers to monetize their blog.

  • Reply Sangma Avenue January 25, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    Hi Amit, I do agree with you completely. Affiliate Marketing is the one of the best and exclusive way to monetizing a blog. I am a learner but I have seen many professional bloggers are like you providing the same ways to get ultimate success in blogging career. Thank You so much for your Great List. I never worked with eBay what about their payment CPA or Affiliate Commission on sales?

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