Are You also Doing These Types of Common Blogging Mistakes?

We all know that blogging is incredible and many popular bloggers earning lots of money from blogging we are also get motivated after watching their monthly revenue report.

A lot of bloggers started their blogging career after watching the huge revenue report of popular bloggers that is one of common blogging mistake before starting your blogging career.

Are You also Doing These Types of Common Blogging Mistakes?

First of all you have to change your vision about blogging, start your blogging career to learn something new and then think about earn not only in blogging it applies in all field.

Moving ahead I am going to tell you about the most common blogging mistakes that every newbie did even I also did all these kind of blogging mistakes.

Top 8 Most Common Blogging Mistakes

1. Content Uniqueness

Don’t try to use shortcuts to become successful in your blogging career, most of the newbie use cut copy as well as paste shortcut to publish more and more posts for daily updation on their blog without knowing that they are stealing someone’s content this is one of the most common blogging mistakes. Most important thing is to check the uniqueness of the content. You can check your content uniqueness on many websites like smallseotools and copycheckcc.

2. Wrong choice of Template

Most of the newbie’s frequently changes their website template it shows a negative effect on your daily users. New bloggers use heavy templates with lots of widgets and plugins to look their blog attractive but they don’t know they are increasing their blog loading time. It is also one of the biggest Common Blogging Mistakes.

So always use simple light background template with less number of widgets, it boosts your website or blog.

3. Lack of patience

Lack of patience is also a common blogging mistakes that I also did, if you actually want to take blogging as your carrier then you have to be patience, because in the path of blogging there are so many ups and downs the only thing you need is patience. Blogging takes a bit of months or years to get you decent traffic and followers on your blog. Most of the bloggers are impatience they want to earn huge revenue in less time that’s why they didn’t succeed in their blogging career. As I told you in the starting of the post that change your vision about blogging, first learn then think about earn.

4. Blogging with multiple Topics/Niche

Always choose one niche in which you have interested, remember that your blog should be the library of your particular topic/niche in which you can write most decent content. Many bloggers don’t use a particular niche and their mindset changes daily like weather about niche so they write post about technology, movies, cars and all that. After sometime their blogs become mixture of everything.

5. Lack of basic SEO Knowledge

 SEO is the most important part of your blog or website, if your blogs result doesn’t appear in search engine results then how visitors can visit your sites.

The basic SEO need search engine friendly titles, headings and content of your website. And after that you have to do off page optimization.

6. No Regular Updation on Blog

If you are not updating your blog regularly it means you are hurting their trust then don’t even dream about it that you will become successful blogger in future. If Visitors every day see the same posts on your blog next time they will not visit your blog. You have to be honest with yourself don’t make excuses with your work. Because “success hugs you in private…! But failure always slaps you in public”

7. Ignoring Backlinks

 Always try to get backlinks from the high authority sites because it is the major source of your blog’s page rank in search engines. The best way to get quality backlinks is to guest posting on high authority sites and regular commenting on that. Don’t comment anything your comment should be genuine and related to the post.

8. Social Media Optimization (S.M.O) 

Social Media is also a crucial part of blog promotion and let people know about your blog. After posting on blog share that post to popular social networking sites.

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