What is All About Dedicated Server Hosting

Now a days Dedicated Server Hosting is well popular among the bloggers as well as webmasters. There are so many essential benefits of having Dedicated Server Hosting that’s why people are interested to buying it. Therefore in this article I am going to share with you what is Dedicated Server Hosting and whats are its benefits & offers.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting and Benefits

A Dedicated Server Hosting is a sort of hosting on internet in which the client rent-out the entire server and which do not shared with anybody else. This is more flexible as well as healthy over the Shared Server Hosting. You can have full control over the entire server as well as operating system.

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What Dedicated Server Hosting Offer?

Now as you know Dedicated server hosting is a type of web hosting where you rents or leases out a whole server. The provider will in this case offer the server equipment’s and administration services if necessary. Dedicated server hosting is preferred by websites which typically get a lot of Internet traffic. Unlike shared hosting, users in dedicated hosting environments can enjoy unlimited computing resources like bandwidth and server space. They have complete control over the server and users can also change server configurations if required to suit their business needs.

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How does Dedicated Server Hosting Works?

In Dedicated Server Hosting, the web host will offer administrative services in the form of an add-on service. The Hosting providers like “Go4hosting” will enter into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with their clients and outline service guarantees. Compared to shared hosting plans, dedicated hosting offers multiple advantages like better reliability, enhanced performance. And since resources are not shared among multiple co-users, customized security firewalls to ensure data security, greater flexibility due to additional software and custom server configurations, dedicated and unique IP address etc. So, dedicated server hosting basically gives the computing resources and power of a whole server to a specific business or website.

What are the Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting?

1. Dedicated hosting guarantees higher reliability since you do not have to worry about co-users taking up more server space and bandwidth, which in turn can slow down your website in the process. With dedicated hosting, server crashes are a rarity and websites which get high volumes of web traffic can deftly handle the traffic peaks without their performances getting affected.

2. Dedicated hosting also guarantees more flexibility because the users have complete root access to the server. They can suitably customize the server settings to suit their interests. They are free to install new programs and applications which may benefit their businesses.

3. Dedicated Hosting will also be more secure compared to VPS hosting or shared hosting. No other user has access to data because of stringent security measures adopted by the host.

4. Dedicated Hosting therefore guarantees better performance. This server reduce loading time of your blog hence loading of web pages is quick even when there are too many graphics. So, high resolution images or videos do not take very long to upload or download. When you can guarantee negligible downtime, you are likely to get more and more visitors to your website.

Conclusion of Dedicated Server Hosting

These are the key advantages of choosing Dedicated Server Hosting. Although dedicated hosting plans are likely to be costlier compared to either shared hosting or VPS hosting. It offers many distinct advantages. Dedicated hosting is not for everyone; for instance, those launching personal or individual websites do not need to spend a fortune on buying these plans. These are best suited for businesses that get a lot of traffic such as e-commerce websites that engage in online transactions and cannot afford to slow down at any time. This also explains why when choosing a dedicated hosting plan, you must find out about the levels of technical support the provider guarantees.

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