Download And Install Aptoide For Android Or PC

Aptoide is a great marketplace for Android apps. Till now you must be using the Google Playstore for downloading the applications for your Android smartphone. The time has changed my friend. The aptoide marketplace is the second largest marketplace for Android apps after the tech giant Googles Playstore. Now hold your excitement for one more update. This application offers premium Android apps at zero cost. Yes, you heard it right my friend. All the applications whether they are day-to-day apps or any high-end graphic gaming app, all of these are available on aptoide for free.Download And Install Aptoide For Android Or PC

The app being the biggest rival of Google was incorporated by CM Software in 2011. This company is famous for getting the open source platform CynogenMod for Android lovers in the market. The company has therefore kept the aptoide apk under GNU or general public license. This means that the application is available for free on all platforms. So this was a quick review of the application. Let us look at some of the features of the aptoide app.

  • Available for free.
  • Available for all Android platforms.
  • Supports smartphones, smart TV and can be used on PC using an emulator.
  • Offers near to about 66000 android apps.
  • Downloaded more than 2 billion times.
  • Offers a good interface.
  • You can setup your marketplace in its premium version.
  • Offers premium apps.
  • Automatically updates.
  • You can revert to the previous version of any application.
  • Reliable, secure and compact app

So now you know that aptoide is a money saver application.

So you must be thinking of downloading the app. But hey, you won’t find it on the Google Playstore. All those apps on Google with the name “Aptoide” are fake or do not offer the Android marketplace either. Don’t worry! In this post, I will be sharing the valid link from where you can download the application and install it on your smartphone. The reason why aptoide is not available on the Google Playstore is rather visible. Being a competitor, Google says that the app hinders the company policy and thus cannot be offered on the Googe Playstore. While we can understand the pinch, aptoide apk can be easily downloaded from peptides main website, the link to which I’ll be sharing below soon. So in this post, I will be telling you step by step, how to install the application on your Android Device. Please follow each step carefully.

Download And Install Aptoide For Android Or PC

Aptoide for Android

So, I have already told you that the application is not available on the Google Playstore along with the reason for it. So in this situation, the only thing that the company could do is to offer the aptoide apk through its persnal platform or website.

There are many fake links for the Aptoide apk download that may lead you to a spammy link or a different site.

I have researched and found the valid link for making the free aptoide apk download for your smart device. Click on the below link to download the aptoide apk free.

Click here to download

After downloading the necessary apk file (because there are different versions for different devices) you can follow the below steps to install the application inside your Android Smartphone.

Step 1

Go to the above link -> click on the Install Aptoide tab-> Select the device you want to install it in (select for Android Smartphone)

Step 2

So before downloading the application, there will be a security prompt from your smartphone. To prevent that follow the below instructions

Go to smartphone Settings -> Security -> Click on “Unknown Resources” -> OK -> Download

Step 3

This will download the application on your smartphone without any hassle. After this, you will get an icon on the homepage of your phone. Click on it and the aptoide application will start.

So this way you can easily download install and run the application on your smart Android phone. But do remember the 2nd step as without it you won’t be able to download the application on your device.

Aptoide for PC

So we have seen how we can install the aptoide apk on our Android device. But can we use it on our PC too? Yes, we can. But how will the application run without an Android environment on PC? So we have an alternative for this known as an emulator. An emulator provides a suitable environment for the application to run on a PC. So let us see how we can install and use the application on our PC.

Step 1

Firstly, download Blustacks. This is the best and renowned emulator available for running Android applications on a PC. This will provide the adequate environment to the application to run smoothly on a nonandroid device. I have provided the download link below.

Download Bluetacks

Step 2

Open Bluestacks n your PC after successfully downloading and installing it. Then download the Aptoide apk from the link I have provided in the “Android for mobile” section above.

Step 3

Install and run the aptoide application to view the latest android application on your PC. You can even download these apps, the way you download them in your mobile and use the on your PC. Pretty amazing isn’t it?


Aptoide is surely a fantastic platform to download the premium apps at no cost and enjoy them to the fullest. Also, this is available in countries like China also where Google play is not accessible. The app happens to provide the best of the Android applications by developers all around the world. This is far most the most impressive app that has been launched for the Android lovers all across the globe.

Do share this post with your friends so that they can also enjoy premium Android apps for free on their smartphones and PC.

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