How Educational Apps Enhance Creative Learning

Educational Apps Enhance Creative Learning- The new dawn of technological advancement has embarked its reach in ever progressing teaching and education world. The introduction of app-based learning has an inevitable evolution in the educational sector. With the innovation of the technology that has made the learning more easy, interactive and interesting. The learning apps have surged up the interest of studying for the competitive exams like GMAT, GRE and many other national and international standardized entry level tests due to its multiple benefits.

How Educational Apps Enhance Creative Learning

The advantages of learning GMAT or any other competitive test from apps are mentioned below:

Systematic Learning Activated

The app-based learning is very streamlined and focuses mainly on the prerequisites of the test learning. Since it is encrypted either video or graphical formats there are probable chances of getting into a monotonous way. To break this, it is very important to explain the topics with relevant examples in a limited period of time. The topics are well synchronized in the app to keep alive the interest of the students. Likewise, it contains the different module of difficulty level which helps in self-evolution and learning from the core.


With the easy reach and high accessibility of latest Smartphone and tablets, the app-based learning has created a buzz in the educational sector. The portability of the devices has apparently developed zeal of learning and reading for the preparation of tests like GMAT or any other. This enables the reader to learn, practice and revise from the section they left amid irrespective of the time zone.

Leisure Hours Utilization

As we have discussed app-based learning is far more beyond the restricted time zone, hence, it can be read or understand at any point in time. Let’s say, GMAT Exam is an MBA entrance test generally taken by the working professionals, for them, it is a bit tiring and challenging to join any coaching class for the preparation. With this app-based learning they can revise the topics itself in the office free hours or in cabs without any cost.

Availability 24/7

Like any other mobile app, the learning apps are available 24*7. The aspirants who are preparing for the competitive test like GMAT can take the assistance for their preparation wherever they stuck over any problem. As the videos are embedded in the apps itself so one can run the app anywhere without any restrictions.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, learning from apps has impacted over the psychology of the learners as we have mentioned below:

  • Accelerated development:

The learning and understanding potentials vary from students to students. Having an app which can facilitate their cognitive style must take into consideration to accelerate the learning capabilities. These app-based learning contain the quality and standard study material aided with relevant examples and narrations which assure success in exams.

  • Cognitive improvement:

The app based learnings are designed in ways which gratify everyone’s thinking capabilities. The questions contained in the practice sets are created upon the different level of difficulty which sharpens the mental thinking process. As GMAT is a computer based algorithm test, similarly the GMAT prep app also provides questions following the same algorithm.

  • Educational standards changing:

The educational apps are helpful in laying a strong foundation of basics, skills, and learning.  Hence, they are changing the educational standards. Due to its attractive video effects and standardized format for explanations is making the learning more convenient.

Apps for Betterment All The Way

  • Over 20 million students use Google apps for education
  • The use of Google apps for education has increased 100% by 2 years
  • 72 of the top 100 universities in the United States use Google apps.
  • Opting Google apps for education can save up to $1.5 Million per year in classrooms
  • Mobile networks are accessible to more than 90% of the world’s population
  • 73% teachers access digital content from their handheld mobile device

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