Top 10 High Paying Websites for Writers

Do you have writing skills? If yes, there is golden opportunity for you. You can earn thousand of dollars just by utilizing your content writing capability.

Yes you heard right! how ?

Because today content writing has became one of the best way to make money online sitting at home. There are many high paying websites for writers available online to pay handsome amount of money. You can also establish your identity as a professional content writer along with creating money online. You just need to write quality, unique as well as informative content. 

Top 10 High Paying Websites for Writers

But remember if you are not well in content writing then there is no mean for you to join these high paying websites that pay you for writing. But if you have great writing skills than this could be a best way for you to get paid online.

So here is the fresh list of top 10 high paying websites for writers. They pay freelance writers and bloggers for content writing.

Top 10 High Paying Websites for Writers

The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher is one of the best online high paying websites for writers and bloggers. for If you are a full time content writer, then you definitely know something about saving money, because this website is completely devoted to “Living Better….for Less”. The best thing is that it pay writers to submit content related to the niche. You will get $0.10/ word for any content accepted by this website. If you get 3 contents of 1000 words published in a month, it means that you will get a handsome amount of $3000. Payment is made approximately 2 weeks after post approval and will be sent to the provided address. Payment will be sent by check in US$ or via Paypal.

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If you enjoying writing and reading list article, then this is the best high paying site for you. It only published list articles on any topic or niche. General categories included – lifestyle, science, entertainment, General Knowledge a more. They pay $100 for 1000 words listing at list 10 articles. You can receive your payment via PayPal or Biction Account. The competition is tough, but having your article published at Listverse will make you feel better about yourself.

Back to College

Back to College is also a high paying websites that pay for writing onile. Back to College is a site about adults returning back to school. You can write article about topic Financial Aid, Success Strategies, finding the right program and many more. Articles may informal be, or include examples as well as resources where users or readers can get more information. Payment is $55+ for your original and unique piece of 1,000-1,500+ words article. Payment you can receive via check or PayPal.

Wow Women on Writing

Wow Women is a website by women for women on the topic of writing. The website focuses on topics like writing, publishing, reading as well as journalism. They seek contents on topics such as how to pieces and writing tips etc. They pay $150 for every 3000-word posts and $50 for shorter contents. You can receive your payment by Check or PayPal. When your content is published, you will got a “live link” email notification.

Matador Network

It is a travel blog covering Cultures, adventures and identities of people around the world. They seek original and quality article maximum 1500 keywords and will pay $40. Niche they like include: Sports, Family and Kids, luxury, sports, culture adventure, religion, language, study abroad as well as trip planning. Payments are sent via Paypal the first week of every month for all article published by the 21st of the previous month.

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Great Escape Publishing

This is also one of the best and high paying website for writers that pay you for writing. It has contents on the craft as well as  business of getting paid to travel. This includes getting paid by writing, tours and travel blogging, photography. They do not publish straight travel content (example what to pack if you are a family). They pay anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on the type of projects you take on. You can receive your payment via Paypal or check.


This is a most popular website that talks regarding Photoshop, and you can simply get paid from $150-$300 by writing a unique and valuable tutorials about Photoshop topic example “How to Use, Describing PhotoShop tool, etc”. You can receive you payment via Paypal. That’s why this is also one of the best online high paying websites for writers and bloggers.

Wp web host 

Wpwebhost is one of the best and leading web-hosting companies which give hosting in WordPress optimized web servers. They have a website which provides WordPress tips and tutorials. So you can write for them articles and once your articles are accepted. You will get paid a handsome amount of money $100 per article. It can be anything related to WordPress. You made your payment via Paypal.


Pxleyes is also one of the best website for writers in the list of “Top 10 High Paying Website That Pay You to write”. You can write article on topic PhotShop Contest, Photo Contest tutorial for Pxleyes and you can earn you up to $200 per tutorial. You can receive your Payment only via Paypal.


This is also one of the popular online high paying websites for writers. You can write article for Youronline.Biz on topic SEO, Blogging, Online Business and WordPress and earn up to $100/ article. After accepting and published your article. They  will transfer $100 to your Paypal account.

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