How to Increase Traffic of Newly Made Blog?

In the today’s content I am going to explain some secret tips to be successful in driving massive traffic to the newly made blog. This will require some hard work and will bring a lot of traffic as well as benefits.

Traffic is the most important thing for every blog page for the reason that without traffic is nothing. The more visitors you will be getting are equal to the more earning and success in the blogging Career.

How to Increase Traffic of Newly Made Blog?

You can build the traffic with different ways but below we are going to discuss some secret technique by which you can make your new blog getting huge traffic in just few days.

Tips to Increase Traffic of Newly Made Blog

Write Your Content

This is one of the most important works that you have to write the content of your blog for the reason that your blog has no content after that you will be getting zero visitors. You should post regarding two or three posts regularly. If you want the huge number of visitor then try to publish a lot of content regularly. Your content must be original as well as it will not be copied from anywhere else.

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Build Your Blog SEO Friendly

Another work to increase traffic is that you have to build you blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. By this your blog will be simply indexed in search engines. To build your blog search engine friendly, you have to make some changes in your blog-

Sitemap Submission

After building the content and making your blog search engine friendly to increase traffic, now it’s time to submit the sitemap to search engines. Submitting sitemap means to send the every post as well as page to search engine for storing your whole blog in their store and when someone search anything on search engine then if that thing is available in your blog then search engine may bring that post or page in search result.

Guest Posting

After building your Blog SEO friendly and submitting sitemaps to search engines, now you have to submit some guest post on most popular blogs. Before submitting, guest post make sure that they will give you one or two dofollow links with the author bio. Furthermore also check that the blog on which you are publishing guest post is related to your blog. By this you will acquire the dofollow backlinks with help in increasing page rank as well as you will get traffic from that blog.


This is another popular tip that you have to comment on some popular blogs but make sure that those blogs are having commentLuv or keywordLuv commenting system for the reason that these system allow us to add the last link in that comment. So this will also help you in receiving traffic from those popular blog and also in building the backlinks.

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Social media Promotion

This is common technique done by every blogger but if you still don’t know this then let me tell you. You have to join some popular social sites like Google +, Facebook and Twitter. After that on those sites you may be having some good number of friends as well as followers if you don’t have then join some groups related to your blog on these social sites and share your posts there. Generally people are using Facebook so you must join some groups on Facebook and share your blog post in these groups to get the traffic.

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Offer Giveaways

This is one of the best techniques to increase traffic on newly made blog instantly. People love free things and they can do all for it. In this technique, you have to offer the giveaway and it can be anything in giveaway. The more expensive thing you will give in giveaway after that you will get more traffic. You should use the punch tab giveaway generator. For the reason that in that generator, people will have to create the entries. They will like your Facebook Page or follow you on Twitter to get the entries. The one who will have the most entries will be chosen the winner.

These are some techniques which will help you increase traffic of your newly made blog.

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