Movavi- Best Multimedia Software and Much More

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Go on a summer vacation without a video camera – it’s like going to the beach and forgetting sunglasses. The camera on the mobile phone does not count. Photos that can be done with it cannot transmit either the bright blue summer sky or the beauty of the landscape, and the video of the falling waterfall captured on the mobile phone will most likely resemble a continuous mosaic of squares.

The most romantic day of the year is approaching, and, whether you like it or not, soon all social networks will be filled with pink and red hearts, postcards and lovely photos. If you have a second half, why not join the wave of congratulations and also make a postcard? Do not know where to start? We will help you and tell you how to make a collage with the help of the Video Editor Movavi. So if you are thinking how to make a montage here we go with that.

Movavi- Best Multimedia Software and Much More

  1. Movavi Video Maker Download

You will have to make the program run if you want to start it. After the whole installation process finishes, you can make use of the software then.

  1. Add Files to the Program

You have to ad first add the relevant files in the media, such as videos, audios and snaps to make the video. There is no end to this upload limit.

After you are done, then you will have to make a thorough checking of the stocks that you have made and from them choose the best ones as per your requirement. You can practice this at first with the sample video.

  1. Create the Montage

You have to go through the option of photo montage and accordingly you will need to make the editing to make the montage perfect in everyway. You can

  • Split video into segments, delete unwanted parts
  • Join video clips with animated transitions
  • Bring your movie together with background music
  • Incorporate text titles and captions
  • Add excitement with special effects
  • Speed up or slow down video segments

When you will be done with the use of the tools, then comes the time for saving the video. For that you will need to use the export button. Once the export window will open, a series of tabs will be visible and from that list you can choose the option to save and upload.

These are the steps you must follow and that is the reason that you will be having the best options for the same and that also all within Movavi Video Editor. Surely it will be the perfect option for you now and that is the reason that you can make the best use of the same.

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