Interview with Preet Sandhu Founder of Beforebuyreviews

Preet Sandhu Founder of Beforebuyreviews

Interview with Preet Sandhu Founder of Beforebuyreviews

Today we have a very special guest for our Bloggers Interview series at WorthofBLog. The name is Preet Sandhu founder of She is one of the quickly emerging and among the most beautiful and talented Female Bloggers. Further she has made her name in Blogosphere in very short period of time. So let’s have a look on conversation with Preet Sandhu.

Q.1 So please tell our Blog Readers Something About you And Your Blog.

I am Preet Sandhu was a normal girl but has now become an entrepreneur. (haha) Well, I started a blog Beforebuyreviews this year which is mainly a reviews niche where I cover product reviews of web hosting companies and software’s and plugins. 🙂

Q.2 How you Introduce with Blogging?

Ermm….One of my good friend introduced me to this giant online world. 🙂

Q.2 Why you decide to become a Blogger?

I never decided to become a blogger, I became blogger by chance.

Q.3 How You will Describe Blogging in Your Way?

Ahhh…According to me blogging is all about expressing your opinions about something you like (favorite niche). Later, when you explore more about this field then u will find this industry is endless.

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Q.4 According to your how much minimum (lowest) money is essential to start a Blogging business?

Nice question…There are many platform that provide self hosting for free like So minimum you need is my 10$ (To register a domain) to start a blog.

Q.5 My Next Question is – According to you what are the Best and Worse Things about Blogging?

Best thing is you get linked with many people from whom you can learn many things. Ahhh…Worst thing is that your eye sight may get week. ( lol)

Q.6 How You will Compare Your FIRST DAY of Blogging when You was Newbie and Now When You are EXPERIENCED?

Of course, First day when I started with my blog I didn’t trusted this industry as I used to think there are scams n fraud in online industry so all that I hear is fake. (Haha) But, today m aware of all loops holes of this business so things are easy now.

Q.7 What was Your Aim to Start & Where You Want to See Your Blog after some 2-3 Years?

My aim was just to enter affiliate industry and I just want my blog to grow and grow with every passing day.

Q.8 What’s your some Great Achievement from Blogging till Now?

Well, My achievement is that being a girl I have achieved financial freedom and I am able to bear all my expenses myself and I have made my family proud for this.

Q.9 Are you monetizing your blog

I am mainly doing Affiliate marketing from my blog.

Q.10  According to You What Role Play SEO in Blogging?

Good SEO will make you compete and survive in the search engine with other competitors

Q.11 Which are Most Better Ways to Make Money from Website According to You?

Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense

Q.12 Do you Think Blogging can be Opt as a Career?

Yes if u take it as serious as u take other profession while choosing the career

Q.13 Which are Your Most Favorite Blogs?

Well, I am Neil’s follower from the time I stepped in this industry and I really like his writing style. Also, I like Garry Vee’s blog. 🙂

Q.14 Who are your Role Models in Blogging?

Well, My role model my friend who introduced me in blogging supported me at the times I needed and also made me believe I can do it big that day.

Q.15 Would you Like to Share Your last Month Income of

I will share in coming months with full details let this baby blog grow more. 🙂

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Q.16 Any Blogging Tips You want to share with Our Blog Readers

I just want to say write quality content put your impression to your articles and make quality links and you will see good results.

So this was the nice talk with Preet Sandhu founder of Beforebuyreviews. I hope his thought concern with Blogging will inspire you towards Blogging in future. And we are thankful for Preet Sandhu to giving us their Quality time and sharing their knowledge with our Blog readers.

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