How To Score Good Marks In Board Exam of X and XII in Short Time

How To Score Good Marks In Board Exam In Short Time : 99% Useful Tips- Regarding scoring of good marks in Board Exam of X and XII, it is not so difficult. You have to follow to few important tips and tricks to get good marks in board exam of X and XII. These tips and tricks are really very useful and after doing research on more than 300 students, I find that if an average student will follow these tips, he or she will absolutely score more than 90% in X and XII board exam. Students who are preparing for board exam, and other examination they must know all these tips and keep these on your mind.

Before writing my review in this article, we have lots of question and one of them which is really most significant that is,

Can an average student score more than 90% in board exam?

Can I? Yes you can, because we know very well that “Nothing is Impossible” in this world. If an abnormal child can become talented star like Hrithik Roshan, then everything is possible. But there are a number of rules which must be followed to make that impossible, possible.

Impossible is the combination of “I Am Possible“. So keep working hard for your desires and follow steps given below to score good marks in Board exam of X and XII in short time.

How To Score Good Marks In Board Exam of X and XII in Short Time

Tips To Score Good Marks In Board Exam of X and XII In Short Time

1. Create your perfect Exam Timetable – (Daily Routine)

Time is killer, a thought came in my mind that, “if you don’t care of time, time will never give you chance to care for the thing that you needed”. That’s simple time is one of the most important thing, you should take care of. Make a plan for your daily schedule and give maximum time to your study. Suppose you expend 6 hours in your bed and rest 18 hours must be used for your exam preparation.

Best Timetable for Board Class Students

  • A student is never under pressure for earning and other family matters. You are a student so give maximum time to your study.
  • Your daily routine must be like, wake up at 4 o’clock, and take 15 min to be fresh and have a cup of tea or coffee. Then open your book and do study till 7 O’clock.
  • Then go for morning walk which is very important, and then take your breakfast till 8 O’clock. If you are at home then again collect your notes of other subjects and start learning or practicing, and keep in mind that don’t study more than 2 hours continuously take some break in between.
  • Around 1 O’clock take your lunch and then take rest of 1 hour. Then again get ready for your exam preparation.
  • In the evening you must go with your friends for some entertainment or physical activities.
  • Then around 7 O’clock start your study and then have your dinner before 9 O’clock. After your dinner you must revise all the things you read whole day.
  • Go to bed before 10 O’clock and revise the chart for next day.

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2. Compete with yourself

Have a look at your earlier marks and get the thought of performing better than this in the next class test or Unit Test. Work on improving your marks by taking as many tests and work hard to beat your earlier marks. By doing these you notice a steady improvement in your marks. Keep in mind that you will not achieve something until you have not make an aim to chase. Enhance your performance day by day and this will only happen when you will do regular study and follow these steps to scoring of good marks in Board Exam of X and XII.

3. Solve Previous Years Papers

Be in touch with the CBSE or other Boards previous year’s papers or sample papers etc. Keep on looking what has been the pattern of CBSE or other board and what type of questions are generally asked. Also refer to their model answers. This will very helpful to score highest marks in the board exam.

4. Plan Your Study – Make Important Notes And Select Topics

Make your study plan and embrace every subjects don’t leave anyone. For a day give some hours to particular subjects, subjects which you finds are hard schedule on top in the early morning. Then scoring and one interesting subject keep side for day time while you get bored of study choose your interesting subject and your time will not waste just looking at book. Don’t forget to take a rest in between. Revision is very essential thing, so learn today and revise tomorrow. This key will make you be successful and help you to get good marks in board exam.

5. Handwriting

Good hand writing give us extra marks, the majority of the students take the value of handwriting very lightly. They do not realize that it is handwriting which brings in some extra marks. Yes, if your handwriting is neat and clean, and easy to read then the examiner automatically or intentionally checks your answer sheet kindly and you get a few extra marks by the good value of your good handwriting. Intelligibility counts and it is always appreciated and special. Clear handwriting is indeed a way to get that high score in exam. It’s all about impress examiner so, one of the best way is to impress examiner is clear answer sheet and neat and clean diagrams to score good marks in board exam of X and XII in short time.

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6. Stay Away of Social Media & Cell Phones

One of the most disturbing elements is mobile phone and second one is that WhatsApp or  Facebook, Instagram and another Messenger apps you are using. It is time to say good bye to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and another Messenger apps that you are using.

Weather these are important too, if you are sharing notes or any other study related material things. So there is a better option that asks for the phone to your parents and does your work with. Because once your mobile phone will come to your hand, time will kill you and you will see at the wall after two hours. So, it is better to avoid these things before 3 months of your board exam.

Last Words-

Just keep working towards your Goal and keep on evaluating yourself.

“Challenges are high, dreams are new,
The world out there is waiting for you,
Dare to dream, Dare to try,
No goal is too distant, No star too high.”

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