Interview with Suprabhat Mondal Founder of MoneyGossips

Interview with Suprabhat Mondal Founder of MoneyGossips

As we all know pretty well is one of the great blog to learn how to make money online as well as offline. So who is the person behind MoneyGossips? Suprabhat Mondal is the founder of MoneyGossips which was created on 30th August 2014. The Global rank of MoneyGossips is 53,406 and Rank in India is 7077 according to current status. So today We have with us Suprabhat Mondal Founder of MoneyGossips and going to present a interview with Suprabhat Mondal Founder of MoneyGossips.

Interview with Suprabhat Mondal Founder of MoneyGossips

Q.1 Please Tell our Blog Readers Something About You and Your Blog

Hey, I am Suprabhat Mondal 20 year old student from Indore (Madhya Pradesh). Currently Pursuing Civil Engineering from a very known college i.eMedicaps Institute of Science & Technology. I love playing football & volleyball and I do play most of the time. Beside all of this I am a Blogger, SEO Analyst, Affiliate Marketer and Graphic Designer.

Currently I have been working on various blogs but my main blog or I should say brand blog MoneyGossips which is all about making money in various way whether it is Fiverr, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube, Adsense, TeeSpring and many more. I share various stuffs related to blogging, SEO, Social Media Marketing. From last few months I was not able to update various other money making methods as I was working in developing a platform RetweetBird which will help everyone in driving targeted traffic from Social Media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. People will love this platform as it will make content sharing more easy and it will be shared among wider audience than before.

Q.2 How you Introduce with Blogging?

It started back in December 2013, when I came to know that one can make money online. From that day I started doing some research and got to know about Harsh Agarwal and Amit Agarwal earning hell lot of money from blogging and affiliate marketing. So I came to blogging to earn some money and pay my girlfriends and mine bills in short to earn some pocket money so I don’t have to ask my parents for money stuffs. From that day I started blogging and did lot of mistakes started WorldTechBuzz then sold it for various reason and then in September 2014 I started MoneyGossips.

Q.3 Why you decide to become a Blogger?

From Childhood I was quite interested in giving advice to my friends, relatives and anyone who came to me with any problem. I love to guide everyone is right direction and Blogging was the best thing in which you can share your knowledge without any hard efforts. So I become blogger and started sharing my knowledge about making money.

Q.4 How You will Describe Blogging in Your Way?

For me, Blogging is the best way to express my thoughts, my ideas, my strategy, my future plans and everything without reaching out to everyone individually. If you have anything good and you want to share Google about How to start a blog, you will get to know. If you want to start a blog that makes money then you can check my blog as well.

Q.5 According to You What are the Best and Worse Things About Blogging?

Well according to me, Best Things about blogging are: Wider Audience(Millions or Billions of People), Online Stuff, it helps in making money and it helps me share my views or thought about everything.

And, Worst Things about Blogging are: One need to do some real Hard work & Patience to make money blogging, SEO algorithms changes quite rapidly, One can’t have full or 100% of knowledge about blogging as it is quite big and wider term.

Q.6 How You will Compare Your FIRST DAY of Blogging when You was Newbie and Now When You are EXPERIENCED?

The 1st day of my blogging I didn’t remember but I know it was in DEC, 2013. That day I decided to start a blog and started a blog on Travel and Tourism niche and started writing about places to visit in my city and did lot of stuff and I failed as I was not having proper knowledge even I didn’t know how to write SEO optimize post, attractive and engaging content.

But today I know most of the thing and quite happy that I did hard work in my initial day I read many blogs to learn about blogging everything from writing content, monetization, Social media marketing and even SEO. One should not stop learning in his life whether it is online or offline.

Q.7 What was Your Aim to Start & Where You Want to See Your Blog after 2-3 Years?

My aim to start MoneyGossips was to help readers to make aware that there are many ways of making money online not only from Adsense, as there are many bloggers who only know that there is only one way of making money online i.e Google Adsense. From MoneyGossips one can learn basics of affiliate markting, making money from Fiverr, making money from various places.

In 2-3 years I want to establish it as a brand, that if anyone wants to know how to make money online the 1st website that should come to his/her mind should be

Q.8 What You have Achieved from Blogging till Now?

I have achieved many things from Blogging, I learned many things like SEO, SMM and even Graphic Designing. Now I make enough money that I pay off all my bills, I bought Apple iPhone 6, LED TV and many more things by myself only.

Q.9 How is different from other Similar Niche Blogs?

Well there are many blogs like MoneyGossips, and most of them share stuffs without experience it. What I share on MoneyGossips is real case study which includes all of my strategies, plans and what I have to done to achieve that thing, what problems I had faced and how I was able to overcome all of them.

Q.10 How You Monetize Your Blog

In Initial days I didn’t monetized my blog with anything but from this new year I added Google Ads as I am getting quite good amount of traffic from search engines. So I don’t want to lose some bucks which are coming for free. You will find various Sponsored posts and Direct Advertisements on my blog.

Q.11 According to You What Role Play SEO in Blogging?

Far back in 2008 there was no such role of SEO in blogging but now a days one should know what is SEO and how it is done, because there is huge amount of competition in almost every niche so one will find hell lot of competition and to bring your blog above them you need to learn Advance SEO. Otherwise you have to rely totally on Social Media Referral traffic, which is only possible if one have huge number of followers.

Q.12 Which are Most Better Ways to Make Money from Website According to You?

Best way to make money from website is to have your own product which will make sure that you will keep on earning money once you become a brand. Otherwise with change in Search Engine and Social Media Algorithms you have to change your strategy every time which is really a damn hard work and takes lot of time.

Q.13 Do you Think Blogging can be Opt as a Career?

Yes one can opt Blogging as Career and many have been working as a full time blogger from their home. As it give complete access to your business and you are your own boss here. You will be responsible for success and failure of your business. So I prefer Blogging as my Career option rather than any job.

Q.14 Which are Your Most Favorite Blogs?

There are many favorite blogs which but some of the best which prefer to read mostly are: ShoutMeLoud, EnstineMuki, SocialMediaExaminer and NeilPatel’s.

Q.15 Who are your Role Models in Blogging?

There are no such role models for me in Blogging, as I just want to share all my knowledge which I have or going to learn in future. So my role model is nothing then being myself forever.

Q.16 Any Blogging Tips You want to share with Our Blog Readers

If you are really interested in blogging and want to become a successful blogger. You need to ready to do hard work, have patience then only start a blog other if you want to make money. If you want to share just your knowledge then you don’t need to have any skills except your profession. Some suggestion I would love to share with your readers are:

  • Select a particular niche, do proper keyword research.
  • Keep some patience, as you will not start making money from 1st day, I started earning after 6 months of hard work, so just wait and do hard work.
  • Go with custom domain, you will get to know later why I told you to have custom domain.
  • Choose WordPress as your CMS platform if you can afford, or you can go with Blogger as well.
  • Don’t do Black Hat stuff as you will face problem later, and keep on sharing unique stuff to stand out among others.

Hey Friends, My self Amit Kumar and I am an Indian Blogger. I have been managing this blog since last 4 years and my major goal is to make the things online easier and simpler for online users with the help of this blog. I most probably writes on following niches like SEO, Blogging, Google Adsense, Social Media Tips and Technology. And Your Most Welcome If you want to submit a Guest Post on this Blog. You can Mail us your Guest Post at You can also connect with me on Social Media by following these Links Facebook , Google+ and Twitter,

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  • Reply Prakash Kumar Sinha January 12, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    Respected Amit Sir, this is a great post by you. I used to read bloggers innterview post daily basis. Till now I have read hundreds of interviews of hundreds of bloggers. But one thing want to say that please ask few question also from the blogger like following –
    1. After how many months you have earned your first dollar from your blog ?
    2. How many hours do you spent on blogging on daily basis ?
    3. what is your current traffic statistic and earning status.
    well, I am also a big fan of moneygossip. I read it for more than one year.

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