Interesting Tips to Excel in Class 6 Science Exam

Science is one of the most important, fundamental, interesting and compulsory subjects. Some students find Science a tough and some love this subject, as it makes students aware of various facts that happen around us. It gives complete foundation about the different topics before moving into the higher grades of education. Exams are the crucial time for every student and are seen busy with their preparations.

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To help students with their preparation, here are some important and easy study techniques which students can follow and perform better in their exams.

Interesting Tips to Excel in Class 6 Science Exam

Important study tips to excel in Science Exam

  • Prepare an effective timetable by making the list of all the chapters and the total number of days left out for preparations.
  • Be regular to the class, stay attentive and make a note of every important point discussed by your teachers during the class hours.

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  • The best way of beginning with the preparation is by planning according to the current and updated syllabus.
  • Never forget to refer NCERT Solutions for Class 6 as it provides in detail explanations for every question along with several examples.
  • Prepare flow charts, and list of all the important formulae, the equation in a sheet of paper, which makes it easier during the time of revisions.
  • Practice more by writing answers. This helps in remembering the learned concepts for a longer time.
  • Never skip diagrams. As Science is full of diagrams, practice them more along with its labels. Students can also refer NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science to learn neat labeled diagrams
  • Make sure to practice all the questions from your previous test papers.
  • Try to complete the syllabus on time and never skip any topic as it may be an important one.
  • Stay away from all sort of distractions and avoid studying in front of the television or in front of the computer.

These were a few interesting tips. Students can follow these tips to excel in Science exam. To learn any subject in a fast and easy way, watch more YouTube video of the lesson as it helps to retain things in an easy way. Hope these simple tips will be useful for the exam preparations.

All the best.

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