Tips To Manage Successfully Your Remote Dedicated Development Team

Software project manager’s position is always challenging. It requires dealing with every issue fast and effectively. In-house management differs from the management of a remote team. Is it harder to control the development process if you cooperate with remote developers? Let’s analyze the potential risks and answer this question.

Tips To Manage Successfully Your Remote Dedicated Development Team

Specifics of Cooperating with a Remote Team

The entrepreneur that considers building cooperation with an overseas team needs to take into account three crucial points:

  • In most cases, the language of communication with a remote team is English. Yourdevelopmentbusinesspartnerusuallyspeaksitfluently;
  • Different time zones are not a source of any inconveniences. It is easy to set up the process in a way convenient for all parties.
  • Cultural difference is no issue if your business partner is a true professional.

The above-mentioned points are the things most businessmen are usually worry about. Of course, remote cooperation may be risky, it has its own specifics and features. However, it is possible to deal with them and protect your interests using simple tips.

Tips to Manage Your Remote Development Team Successfully

We believe that our simple but informative tips will provide you with the assistance for the effective management of your remote development team:

  • Do not underestimate communication. Talk to your co-workers and listen to them carefully.
  • Motivate your remote developers. Even though there is no possibility to meet them every day in the office, let them know they are a part of a valuable and appreciated team.
  • Build a relationship based on trust. Lack of trust may lead to a business disaster.
  • Divide your project into iterations and control every part of it.
  • Let the software solutions like Trello, Jira, Google Drive, GitHub, and Skype etc. assist you.


Managing your remote dedicated software development team can be easy and pleasant. Build a trustworthy relationship, set up effective communication, use convenient software tools and get better results!

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