Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India

Google Adsense has become well famous in India among the bloggers from last few years. All Indian bloggers know quite well that Adsense is highest paying online advertising network ever works on CPM concept. And that’s why every Indian blogger wish to be an Adsense publisher.

But it’s not possible until or unless your blog comply with Google Adsense policies. However even after become an Adsense publisher doesn’t mean you will be rich in a single night. You need to work hard continuously on various aspects on your blog to get rank among the top Google Adsense earners in India.

And yes it takes some time to make you feel the magic of blogging and Adsense in terms of earning as well as popularity. Here I am going to show you some best examples of Indian bloggers who are today known as by top Indian Adsense earners because of their huge earnings from Adsense. So now be ready to get introduce with latest Updated list of top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India.

Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India


Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India


Google Page Rank– 6/10

Alexa Rank– 4,547 (Global Rank)

Alexa Rank in India-732

Domain Authority– 78

Monthly Adsense Income:$25,000

Amit Agarwal is one of the most famous Indian blogger of all the time. In education he has the degree of Engineering in Computer Science from I.I.T. Amit Agarwal give up his job in 2004 with the self commitment  to become India’s first and only Professional Blogger.  Besides he converted his blog into a award-winning Digital Inspiration blog where he used to writes on how-to guides with respect of consumer software and mobile apps. He has also mark columns on personal technology for brand publications including The Wall Street Journal IndiaCNBC TV18 and The Hindustan Times. And apart from all these achievement he is also the rank topper in top Google Adsense earners from India.

2. Varun Krishnan

Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India

Blog Url

Google Page Rank– 3/10

Alexa Rank-5,417 (Global Rank)

Alexa Rank in India– 444

Domain Authority– 49.33

Monthly Adsense Income: $28,000

Varun Krishnan is the founder of which is india’s one of the most popular blog of mobiles and gadgets. He started this blog in march 2005. He is the big fan of mobile as well as gadgets.


Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India


Google page Rank– 4

Alexa Rank– 16,384 (Global Rank)

Alexa Rank in India-1,929

Domain Authority– 43

Monthly Adsense Income: $6000 to $8000

Srinivas Tamada is running a programming as well as a web development site known as by He is presently the best blogger blogging with reference to programming and web design tutorial in India.

4. Arun Prabhudesai

Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India

Blog Url :

Google Page Rank– 5

Alexa Rank-12,018 (Global Rank)

Alexa Rank in India-1,749

Domain Authority-44

Monthly Adsense Income:$5,000 is one of the most famous Indian Business and Technology blog which found by non other than Arun Prabhudesai. He truly deserve to be listed here in this list.

5.Raju PP

Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India

Blog Url

Google Page Rank– 4/10

Alexa Rank-21,845 (Global Rank)

Alexa Rank in India– 3,005

Domain Authority– 45.22

Monthly Adsense Income:$15,000

Raju pp is a tech blogger behind the success of This is a complete tech blog created in 2008 and written by him. He is well famous Indian blogger whether it is about Adsense income or blogging creativity.

6. Pankaj Agarwal 

Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India


Google Page Rank: 5/10

Alexa Rank6,495(Global Rank)

Alexa Rank in India– 544

Domain Authority– 40.92

Monthly Adsense Income:$17,000

He is the co-founder of, A site which is the simple and easy method  to search, buy or sell, to exchange, to interact for common or complementary interests inside or across home communities in India. This website is well popular as well as holding huge traffic that make him capable to earn huge and eligible to be among the top Adsense earners.


Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India


Google page Rank– 3

Alexa Rank– 1,939 (Global Rank)

Alexa Rank in India-197

Domain Authority– 50

Monthly Adsense Income: 700$ – 1000$ each month (from many blogs he own)

Harsh Agrawal I hope you all familiar with this name and personality if you are an Indian blogger. He is the Indian Pro blogger started his carrier in 2008 with the blog name as Now he is the inspiration for so many bloggers across the world up to where blogging exist. Here I have listed him on 7th position in India’s top ten Adsense earners.


Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India


Google Page Rank– 3/10

Alexa Rank-13,908 (Global Rank)

Alexa Rank in India– 1,641

Domain Authority– 34.25

Monthly Adsense Income:$6,000

BloggingCage A blog to learn how to blogging step by step and this blog is owned by Kulwant Nagi. Beside being a successful blogger he is also an Internet Entrepreneur and good writer. He holds the Diploma in Electronics and Communication from a college in Haryana, India.


Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India


Google Page Rank– 5 / 10

Alexa Rank12,059 (Global Rank)

Alexa Rank in India– 1,237

Domain Authority– 48.93

Monthly Adsense Income: $5,000

He is the founder of as well as an entrepreneur who also handle works for organizations like Yahoo, i2 Technologies and IBM.

10. Rohit Langde

Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in India


Google Page Rank– 3

Alexa Rank– 232,575 (Global Rank)

Alexa Rank in India– 26,916

Domain Authority– 31

Monthly Adsense Income: $5,000

Rohit Langde last but not the least in this list of top Adsense earners in India. He holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Govt. College of Polytechnic Nagpur.

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