Top 10 Popular Blogs to Learn How to Blogging

I remember that day about one and half years ago when I asked to one of my close friend “what are you doing” he said to me ” currently I am a professional blogger and use to blogging for ***.com site”. Then I asked him bro what is blogging and how you do blogging? On that time he told me to update the content on a blog is known as by blogging.

Top 10 Popular Blog to Learn How to Blogging

Then I asked him what are benefits to do blogging, and then he told me you can improve your writing & thinking skills. Further you can be popular easily and earn thousand of dollars by blogging just from your home.

I became quite impress then I quickly asked to him can you teach me how to blogging? He replied not now because I am busy now these days and he forget.
But I did not!

I went to Google and searched every procedure to start blogging, after very deep research on internet. I registered a domain name, selected some niches, wrote articles, publish them on my blog. During this I encountered so many ups and downs in blogging. In this way I got introduced and started blogging and faced lots of problems in that duration. Today I am a publisher at Google Adsense for many blogs which was one of my big achievements.

Therefore Now I think that I should offer a essential list of some top most popular blogs through which newbie bloggers will get help to learn blogging. So that the newbie bloggers don’t faced those problems which I encountered and. Hence take a look here in this list of top ten popular blogs to learn how to blogging.

Top 10 Popular Blogs to Learn How to Blogging

1. Powered By Amit Agrawal

The first popular Blog to learn How to Blogging is is no doubt if you want to become best in blogging not only you should learn how to write killer content furthermore you should practice your development skill here powered by Amit Agrawal guiding Blogging as well as another development related things. Amit Agrawal is also called the father of Blogging. His Blog Alexa rank is 4,313 and Google Page Rank is 6 out of 10.

2. Powered By Harsh Arawal

The second popular blog to Learn How to Blogging is Famous Indian professional blogger he is nearly getting like Indian Popular blog Shoutmeloud powered By Harsh Agrawal who left his job and start to blogging journey as his main income stream. Already million of bloggers following, money making tips in his blog as well as more about marketing blog. Alexa rank of his blog is 2,561 and Google page rank is 6 out of 10.

3. Powered By Neil Patel

The third blog to learn how to Blogging is, This blog is runs by Neil Patel, you can read lot of thing regarding blogging from his blog page. He is blogging and web marketing specialist that we can say more than this but go to those sites and learn blogging daily. He updates his blog daily twice or three times per week as well as he always comes with new idea to make better blogging. Alexa rank of is 2,702 and Google Page Rank is 5 out of 10.

4. All Tech Buzz.Net Powered By Imran Uddin

If you want to make money critically this is best place to learn blogging as well as learn How to make money through blogging. This is my all time favorite blog which maintaining by Imran Uddin, Indian young entrepreneur, can you visualize 20 year old guy making huge number of people blogging best.Alexa rank of his blog is 9,168 and Google Page Rank is 3 out of 10.

5. Pro Powered by Darren Rowse

ProBlogger is the grandfather of most blogs and the number one learning place for most top rated bloggers in the blogosphere. is powered by Darren Rowse. guide you How to Blogging as well as Online Making money ideas related things. Alexa Rank of his blog is 9,048 and Google Page Rank is 6 out of 10.

6. Basic Blog Tips Powered By Ileane Smith

Basic Blog tips is a heaven of tips & Tricks and resources for lots of bloggers, this is one of those blogs that lots of bloggers cannot do without. Basic Blog is runs by a dynamic as well as very helpful lady, in being of Ileane Smith. The blog teaches practically blogging tips and also has great tutorials that will help your blogging career. Alexa Rank of Basic Blog Tips is 51,169 and Google Page Rank is 4 out of 10.

7. Famous Powered By Hesham Zebida

Famous Bloggers is one awesome blog to learn how to blogging. The blog has lots of awesome authors and they provide lots of valuable content. Famous Bloggers is powered by HesHam Zebida, he is a cool person and you will surely enjoy your stay around his blog. Alexa rank of his blog is 63,013 and Google Page Rank is 4 out of 10.

8. Pro Blogging Powered By Jane Sheeba

Pro Blogging Success is another cool awesome blog to learn how to blogging. It has lots of great content about how to blogging. This blog is owned by Jane Sheeba and she is a wonderful lady that popular a lot. She is publishes lots of insightful posts and her post always add valuable to the readers. Alexa Rank of Her blog is 75,915 and Google Page Rank is 3 out of 10.

9. Learn Blog Powered by Rahul Kuntala

Learn blogging tips is another great blog to learn how to blogging. It is owned by a popular blogger Rahul Kuntala. Rahul Kuntala is a writing machine that pumps out great quality article on his blog. His blog is very informative. Alexa rank of his blog is 212,693 and Google Page Rank is 3 out of 10.

10. Blogging Powered By Kulwant Nagi

Blogging Cage is another great blog where you can learn how to Blog, SEO, Affiliate Marketing Related Stuff. It is owned by Kulwant Nagi. Alexa rank of Blogging cage is 15,868 and Google page rank is 3 out of 10.

Final Word

I think, I have listed here all popular blogging blogs where you can learn awesome tips of how to blogging. I hope you enjoyed this post and will get them into use to make your blogging better then before.

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    Nice to be on your blog
    A really Nice List Amit Bhai. Oh Let me say you bhai…
    These blogs are really an inspiration for me and probably for you as well.
    I never knew probloggingsuccess and learnblogtips before and thanks for telling me about this as well.
    Have a nice day Amit.
    Hope you are doing well.

    • Reply Amit Kumar July 26, 2015 at 2:15 pm

      Thanks Vashishtha for your all nice words and appreciation!
      We hope you enjoyed our blog.

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