Top 10 Tips to Maintain Your Website Visitors Longer

To increase your blog traffic is not a much big task. The important work is to maintain that amount of visitors on your website longer. As we know now days, blogging competition is enhancing day by day rapidly. So what you need to do to attract the visitors to revisit your website or blog.

Top 10 Tips to Maintain Your Website Visitors Longer

My dear friends, this all will only possible when you will realize what your visitors want to you. Besides you need to give your visitors something more and extra so that they prefer to revisit your site. There are lots of successful tips and tricks by using which you can make this all possible.

And don’t worry you don’t need to go anywhere to find this solution. Because today I am going to introduce with you, all those 10 successful tips using which not only you can increase your website visitors however you can also maintain them on your blog for longer time.

Top 10 Tips to Maintain Your Website Visitors Longer

Give your Loyal Visitors Valuable Article to Read

This is one of best method to keep or maintain your website visitors longer. In a blog only design do not matter but you have to take care of the article as well. Offer interesting, valuable and readable article to your visitors. Visitors like articles to read what your website niches are.

They will come back to read your blog articles if article will be easy to readable, understandable and visible. So it is always good to offer them with the article that is easy to comprehend.

Try to write down in such a means that even if a non- familiar person reading the article, he or she can know easily what your blog is trying to say.

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Offering Updated Article is Important

How would you feel going to a place repeatedly but with no any changes at all? Apparently you would like to explore some more rather than visiting the same place repeatedly. But if you find some changes and fun with the same place you will absolutely try it the next time expecting something better.

Same is the case with your visitor. If you keep them offering with the same article they will feel bored as well as won’t come to you again. But if after every one day or two day you offer them with something new on your blog, you will give them a reason to visit your blog repeatedly. This will keep your website visitors longer.

Simple Navigation

One of the most significant things that you can do is making your blog simple as well as easy to navigate. Do not make hundred internal pages that visitor finds your blog very fussy as well as they leave it and decide not to visit the blog again.

Do not make such type of mistake. Keep your blog easy to browse with less number of pages but maintained with attractiveness and quality.

Provide your Visitors with Internal Links

One of the best ways to stay visitors on your blog for long duration is by providing them with internal linking to other relevant blog pages. These links will add your blog with some Search Engine Optimization value as well as also it will help your visitors to find some other information that they want to look for. However please do not stuff your keywords here just to increase up your keyword.

Respond to Comments

New visitors want to know that you listen to comments as well as aren’t just churning out articles. By responding to comments you start a conversation and make them feel respected. This shows that you’re joined to your blog as well as what people say on it. Plus, it’s a enormous way to make new relationships. This will help you to keep or maintain Your website visitors longer.

Keep Content Important to Your Target Visitor

As you continue to builds your trustworthiness in your niche, keep content important to your visitors. Your returning fans will end coming back if they think they have to dig through pages of articles that don’t communicate to them.

Although writing off-topic once might drive new visitor to your blog, they won’t come back while they see that the exposure they came for was a onetime thing.

Start a Series

This is a helpful way to bring new visitor back to your blog at least one more time or maintain first timers clicking through your internal links.

Be certain to note in the first part of your series while the next part will be, “Come back after that week to read Part 2…” as well as link back to earlier parts as your sequence growth, “As we have a discussion concerning last week in Part 1…” visitors will would like to follow the series or click-back to grab on what they missed.

Send Out a Newsletter

Weekly newsletters take the article straight to the inbox of the subscribers. Rather than hopeful fans will enthusiastically seek out your blog, newsletters give a one-click option straight to your best article from the week. They’re enormous reminders regarding how awesome your blog is. Hence in this way you can maintain your website visitors longer.

Optimize for SEO

Those three modest letters can insult blog managers who think SEO is only for expert that use up all day manipulating Google — along with maybe fighting penguins. But there are lots of quick ways to help your blog’s search optimization that will drive new visitors to your page in spades.

Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Go where your loyal fans are. By promoting your blog on Social Media like Facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn and using proper hash-tags, new fans can find out your blog. They can also follow you or like you on Facebook to continue getting updates on your blog posts. Social media brings in new fans as well as keeps old ones.

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