Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Home

Everyone wants to make money online from home. But the problem is that how can we make money online from home. For this reason I am going to write an article about how to make money from home.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Home


Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Home

Make $300 to Write a Greeting Card Poem

Blue Mountain Arts is a most popular family-friendly greeting card company that feels like to hear from you if you have writing skills. They will give you $300 for global rights to your poem, which they will use in greeting cards as well as other products, or $50 if they just use your poem in a book.

Link- Blue Mountain Arts

Make $10/hour to Work for Amazon

This is an authentic job where you work as an Amazon employee. A CSA is a Customer Service Associate, and you will be answering questions on the phone and chat windows. You can apply online at, where you will get more details of the requirements also work.

Link- Amazon CSA

Make $5 to Make a Phone Call

You do a phone call as a mystery customer, which should take you 5-10 minutes, along with then you report back on an online form. This company gives you $5 for every completed call with feedback. This a wonderful method to Make Money from Home.

Link- CallCenterQA

Make $10-$20 to Test a New App/software

The company, Erli Bird, offers a review service to app or software developers, as well as you can help them do this. You only have to try out the software or app. You will generally record the screen for 10-15 minutes, as you use the app or software, and offer an explanation about how you find it. This gig gives $10 upwards per review.

Link- Erli Bird

Make $100 to Write Jokes is a website that is all the time looking for stories, jokes and articles that arise to their standard. Unlike other websites, such as the Huffington article, they are happy to use outsiders to give more articles.

Link- Cracked

Also For Read-

Make $24/hour Transcribing Audio

Now an authentic working opportunity, if you have well typing skills. The organization SpeechPad will provide you transcription work, and you will be salaried for producing a text version. The work may be either audio or video based, as well as it can pay up to $.40 for every audio minute. That’s $24 per hour if you be able to type as fast as the conversationalist.  You make money every fortnight through PayPal.

Link- SpeechPad

Make $13/Hour Evaluating Search Engines

Another authentic online job, the company iSoftStone employs search engine evaluators, paying them $13/ hour. As a search engine evaluator, you would be entering keywords as well as other queries into search engines, and after that reporting how valid the results were. They pay you through PayPal or direct to your bank account each month.

Link- iSoftStone

Sell Your Talent

Fiverr has become famous as the job website to go to for small but important tasks – taking a picture holding up a sign, writing a short content. You can even get a Kindle e-book cover designed. Its name comes from the fact that the basic gig pays just $5.

But before you dismiss it as not worth your time, take a look at the website and see how others are using it. For example, you can offer extras to a basic gig which will pay you more money, and it can lead to more work.

Browse around as well as see what tasks you might be able to do. This a best method to Make Money from Home.

Link- Fiverr

Make $5 a Pop for Your Smartphone Pictures

You install this app on your Smartphone, as well as simply take pictures, which you then upload. They want to be good quality pictures, or pictures of unusual events, as you will make money if someone else wants to pay money for as well as use them.

Foap will offer your pictures for sale on their marketplace for $10 each, and you get $5 for every one sold.

The great thing is that your picture may be sold again and again, so you can carry on earning income without doing any more work.

Link- Foap

Get Paid when you Listen and Rate Songs

This is a fun appearance for a little extra money. With SlicethePie, you listen to 90-second song clips and after that write a review. It gives feedback to the artists as well as their agents. You will only make about 2 cents per review to start with, however if you make your reputation you may earn as much as $.20. You get paid through PayPal when you have earned $10.

Link- Slice The Pie

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