Top 6 Basic SEO Tips To Improve Organic Search Ranking

Today in this content I am going to share basic and easy SEO tips to improve Organic Search Ranking. There are many easy SEO tips to use when writing blog posts that can help you target relevant keywords that increase organic search ranking and drive traffic to your blog.

Top 6 Basic SEO Tips To Improve Organic Search Ranking

The first step is to decide what keywords are going to bring highly traffic to your blog and improve organic search ranking. You can get some useful suggestion by reading an older blog post we did about how to uncover long tail keywords. Once you have your keywords recognized you will desire to write blog post article around these keywords. There are 6 parts of every blog post that you will want to optimize for the particular keyword being targeted in the post for increase organic search ranking:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Heading
  • Post Content
  • Images
  • URL

I have seen that many bloggers do not properly optimize their blog posts fully, not fully taking benefit of the organic traffic possibilities. If you haven’t been suitably optimizing your blog article then use these beneficial SEO tips to go back & optimize your older posts, and make certain that all future posts are optimized fully.

Top 6 Basic SEO Tips To Improve Organic Search Ranking


Title is the major aspects to increase organic search ranking. So when writing your blog post title you must to understand that they impact the search results as well as click-through-rate. Your title should be below 60 characters and it is good practice to contain your target keyword in the title, as close to the beginning as possible. If your title include your target keyword the visitor is further likely to click on your blog post since it include the keyword they used in their search query.


Your blog post description pulls the Meta description for your post, and although it doesn’t impact search results, it can be an enormous way to pull a high CTR. If your Meta descriptions use your target keyword and post related keywords it is going to appeal to the individual that performed the search. This must be written in a natural way, and there is no motive to stuff your keyword into the Meta description. There are zero SEO profits and it will just make your website emerge to be spammy & low quality.


Your heading is telling your visitor what your article is about, and including your targeted keywords in the heading offer a SEO benefit as well, as extensive as it is done naturally. There is no require to jam pack a heading with multiple amount of your target keyword. Use it once if it can be used logically. Also, don’t presently use your keyword in the heading. Make sure there is further content around it, describing the blog post & providing some worth other than just a keyword phrase. It is one of the main parts of the SEO to improve Organic Search ranking.


The search engines use keywords in your article as a ranking signal, but it is significant that you do not over optimize your article. Multiple amount of your keyword within the article can be viewed as keyword stuffing and this can lead to a punishment, reducing your organic rankings. Aside from the probable SEO dangers linked to keyword stuffing, it will also injury your blog readership. Viewers are not going to come back to a blog that features poor article that reads like clean spam. Always write for your viewers first & the search engines second.

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It is always a good idea to embrace a SEO friendly title & description in your images. If you are writing very expressive blog post titles then you can use the tile in your blog article image, and also write a description that explains your blog article. Image search is becoming more popular, so there is extremely no reason that you should ignore optimizing your blog article images. It is one of the major things of the SEO to improve Organic Search ranking.


You must have your site URL structure set up that each post has a custom URL and not a random extension such as the date of the post or just a numbered post. With the blog post title as the URL extension facilitate with your click through rate. If somebody performs a search and sees a post with a common URL and one with the target keyword which one are they additional likely to click on?

These are just some incredibly basic blog post SEO tips to help you make more valuable article for your blog and drive huge traffic & get high ranking in Organic Search.

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