Top 7 Best Online Tools for Children to Improve Writing Skills

Online Tools for Children to Improve Writing Skills- My friend is a mother of amazing children of scholar age. Recently she faced with the luck of time problem so she is not free enough to sit with her children helping them with their home tasks. She said me to write this post to help other parents cope with this problem. You do not need to teach your children to enhance their writing skills yourself – they can cope with it using special online services.

Top 7 Best Online Tools for Children to Improve Writing Skills

Do you remember your last essay? Of course it was good for you maybe many years ago but the research essay language is a tough and dynamic language that changes regularly. You and your kid are not alone today. Practicing is a way to prosperity and soon you will discover that your children had made a great progress.

Working as a tutor I had always advised my students to read a lot as it improves their communication and language skills. But reading takes much time and it could be quite boring for little kid to do this thing again and again. These amazing online tools were made special for young and energetic children like your lovely son or daughter.

Top 7 Best Online Tools for Children to Improve Writing Skills

Hemingway Top 7 Best Online Tools for Children to Improve Writing Skills

This tool helps to make the sentences in essay clear and as short as they must be. Hemingway is a great thing to find long and complicated for understanding sentences assigning them in yellow color. When you notice this thing in your paper it is a sign that the sentence needs to be much shorter or split another way. The red color shows that your sentence is too complicated to be understood by readers so they could be wearied and bored reading the essay. I am considering that the child does not need this problem – this service can easily solve it.


We often claim that some research papers were not made to me read easily with pleasure. But contrariwise your kid could write an essay that is impossible to read also. This tool helps people to boost the readability of the content. In truth it is really simple and useful tool. This service gives an estimate of the text readability in the scale from 0 to 100 . So you will be lucky to use the chance to see how successfully you coped with the task. All you need is to copy the text from the document and paste it to the special tab. The price for this service is only one dollar per year. And you can experience the possibilities of this service it with pleasure


EssayMama is an amazing on-line resource that includes writing agency that helps people with the difficulties with writing skills. This online service employs professional teachers, tutors, writers to serve everyone who has the necessity of their help and support. Your kid will be in safe hands of well educated professionals from best colleges.

You also can count on help from special sections of the site like essay samples, education blogs, colorful infographics and priceless essay writing tips that are just really necessary for anyone who has difficulties in writing and wants to upgrade their English essay writing skills .Especially while writing research paper.

Grammar Girl

The site is totally an indispensable guide and assistant that will give you the key to the doors of the mysterious world of English Grammar rules, punctuations and a research paper writing rules. Easy friendly and clear tips of this service can help you to overcome the most difficult obstacles in writing any essays. Tips cover all the necessary grammar rules, and also essay writing tips. You will the master of writing any essay regardless of the level of the English language knowledge – it could be your native language or the second language of studying .Keep doing!

Daily Writing Tips

The name of this web-site is special itself. The advice section of this website is updated daily, providing users with the most recent information about innovations of the rules of essay writing. They get information of the newest articles in scientific journals on linguistics, the latest university guides and special databases. The tips cover wide fields of knowledge such as grammar, rules of punctuation and pronunciation and the words usage. Regardless of your status – you could be the student of the university, school student or even a manager you will always get benefits from the Daily Writing Tips. The skills to write correctly are appreciated everywhere, that is why you should daily improve them. Thanks to this useful service you will write anything you want easily.

Using English Top 7 Best Online Tools for Children to Improve Writing Skills

The content of this resource will be useful for both students and their teachers. As you visiting this website you will have the chance to check your level of English, read interesting articles with valuable advices of how to risen your skills of writing. Visiting this site, you will have the access to a large collection of resources that will help you in learning English as a foreign language. Also on this site are available special funds for the language skills improvement: books, online exercises and reference books. Every person will have the luck to improve the knowledge on this website. Other resources of this site will easily assist you to turn into a professional in your field: topics on the forums and the discussion of problems with experts online.

Bartleby Top 7 Best Online Tools for Children to Improve Writing Skills

As I said above, reading is a really important thing in improving essay writing skills. This service was named after Herman Melvilles story called “Bartleby, the Scrivener”. In 1993, it was just a small collection of literature of Columbia University. Nowadays on this website, you will be lucky enough to have the access to the best classic literature online without need of leaving home. There are the collections of works of professors from Cambridge, Oxford and other famous universities around the world. It will amaze you with the range of the books and will definitely help in your research paper writing. The most important advantages of this resource are: it is absolutely free and interface is so intuitive that is understandable even for a small child. The main thing is to have enough skills to read. In addition the site also has Thesaurus and Quotations thanks to which you could see live examples of the English writing language usage.

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