4 Reasons Why people choose to use MS Office on their MacBook

There are people who are now installing the appropriate Microsoft Office software on their MacBook. It is important that one purchases and installs the right version of the MS Office for their Mac computers. What are some of the reasons many people want to install and use MS Office on their Mac computers? We shall discuss the reasons why people choose to use MS Office on their MacBook and the advantages that come with installing MS Office on MacBook.

If you would like to try the MS Office software for Mac, well, you can either download the right version for your Mac or buy ms office for mac in the stores that deal with software.

4 Reasons why people choose to use MS Office on their MacBook

4 Reasons why people choose to use MS Office on their MacBook

1. Convenience of the MS Office software

This is one of the strong reason that why people choose to use MS Office on their MacBook. There are many people who buy their Apple computers and are not very conversant with the Apple OS. These people would love to use the MS Office software they are used to. Well, there are people who have been using the MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all their other applications that are included in the MS Office package. For these people, a Mac computer that can have MS Office installed on them would come as a relief.

2. MS Office for Mac is rich in features

The MS Office for Mac 2016 is the latest version of Office for Mac. It succeeded the MS Office for Mac 2011 which was the first version of this software. Now, with the MS Office software for Mac, there are many productivity tools that business people and technology savvy people can take advantage of. One of the latest updates of this software is that it has real-time collaborative editing for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint among other features. The new features that come with the latest edition make it a serious software for the people who want to use MS Office on their Mac computers.

3. Enhanced integration with MS Office 365

If you are a user of the previous MS Office 365, you will love the new MS Office 2016 for Mac. You will get access to OneDrive for Business. You can use features of MS office such as tracking changes on your Mac. This is definitely good for the business people who have been accustomed to MS Office over the years. There is increased productivity due to shortcuts that are available in the MS Office applications such as Word and Excel. You can also edit PDF documents and also get to use the friendly modes such Tablet and touch mode.

4. Easily find what you are looking for

With Office for Mac, users have a redesigned ribbon menu. This means that they will have features organized just like in Windows and iPad. As such, whether one is used to Windows or iOS or Mac OS, they are able to find what they are looking for and be much more productive. It is like using IOS and Windows operating systems at the same time. You also get to share documents and threaded comments on top of the ability of co-authoring.

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