How the brain cancer changed the whole life of Nathan Sexton

Thousands of people around the world wish to accomplish all the leadership qualities so that they can start a business and successfully run it. They constantly attend seminars and chats to build leadership qualities such as the ability to delegate, sense of humor, confidence and self-esteem, honesty and many more. These leadership qualities will help them to take the business to the extreme peak. In this article, you will get to know a story about a person and how to help build those leadership qualities. The story is not like any ordinary story; it is the most inspiring story you might have come across. The story is about Nathan Sexton who is currently the vice president of business intelligence and run the bellhops as his company.

How the brain cancer changed the whole life of Nathan SextonHow the brain cancer changed the whole life of Nathan Sexton

In the year 2015, Nathan Sexton met with the deadliest day of his life. He has never forgotten that day as it brought a whole new chance in his life. But what happened on that day? Nathan Sexton came to know that he has brain cancer and cancer needs an immediate treatment. He constantly wanders near the chemotherapy for treatment and spends countless hours to get rid of the tumor. He never imagined that he might have this kind of problem in his whole life.

But why people consider the brain cancer a major problem? The abnormal growth or multiplication of cells in the brain is responsible for brain cancer or brain tumor. They affect the various parts of the body as the cells need nutrient for the survival.  Nathan Sexton felt its symptoms such as the headaches, problems related to vision, change in brain functioning, seizures, and frequent vomiting. He felts the headaches usually in the morning with a sense of vomiting. This made him knock the doors of chemotherapy.

About thirteen to fourteen months earlier, Nathan Sexton has started the financial services as a startup company in Tennessee. The month seems to be crucial as this was the time when he has to reveal why he wants to cut all the pay. When he revealed it, his wife hesitated a little, but later he encouraged him with full of support. Nathan Sexton builds a team of about 13 employees and without wasting time work on the startup which is now known as the bellhops. The company is a tech-based company that provides valuable services to the customers.

He dove down into this whole new experience and was ready to lead his business. At first, he was very nervous and hesitated as he has never managed anyone in his whole life, but he was excited too.

On his first day at the bellhops, the chief operating officer introduced him to two college students who work there as a part-time; this was his team. The team may be small, but his goals and ambitions were high enough to climb the heights of mountains. He wants that the members must know how to think out of the box and run all the effective ideas and thoughts for the productivity of the business. He wants to lead the business and build professional leadership qualities to leave behind his incredible college guys.

What did he do to build such high professional qualities?

He used to innovate and effective technique which usually people consider boring and time-consuming. He started reading the book, and the first was the delivering happiness by Tony Hsieh’s, chief executive at Zappos. The book not only taught him much about the culture that is customer-centric and it also let him know how to behave and work as a leader in the workplace. This lets him grew numerously and also his and team member’s career.

Something strange happened on the 4th of June; he opened his eyes in a hospital with a tube directly connected to his throat. He insisted the nurse to provide him with a pen and blank paper so that he could question what has happened. She told him that they found a mass in his brain after the complete analysis of the MRI. The brain tumor was not more than the size of a golf ball. The doctors without wasting time removed most of the part of the tumor, but a fraction of the part was still left in the brain. It was a tumor which multiplies itself in a little time. After complete surgery and treatment, a few weeks later he received the report.

He began indulging in the chemotherapy and other radiation courses after his brain has completely healed. He began to work more than 20 hours and enriched his experience full of wonderful thoughts.

The bellhops seem to be a place where Nathan Sexton loves to spend most of his time. It acts a second home to him that was full of pleasure and keeps him stay away from all the travail thoughts. There was no more radiation any more, but he has to continue his chemotherapy for about twelve more months. After three months ago. He felt great and a sense of positive energy in him. He was all ready to work and lead the business intelligence team.

He began to hire more people so that he takes his business to the next level. Before he hires people, a couple of thoughts such as the ‘what if the individual do not work with full interest?’ wanders his mind. But he has to move down this roller coaster soon.

Before June 4, he suffered and had a frustrating time, but nevertheless, he found how to deal with the customers and employees enthusiastically. This empowers him to do great things not only in business but also in his personal life.

This was the time when Nathan sexton learns to effectively delegate not only in business but also with health-related problems. Now he can deal with the customers and employees more effectively with focused concentration.

Today Nathan Sexton feels that all that happened in his life, is for the good and well being of his, family members and teams members. He constantly fills the employees and customers with full of power so that they will achieve everything in their life.

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