6 Secrets to Writing Sales Emails that Prospect Actually Read

How can you create sales emails so compelling that prospects can’t stop reading?

The answer is simple: it all boils down to psychology.

Sure, you are dealing with an infinite combination of characters and personalities but, in most instances, the human brain reacts in a similar manner to psychological trigger. Understanding these nuances and the potential of using the best copywriting service, can help you persuade your prospects to take the desired course of action, such as clicking on the links in your email or replying to them.

Here’s an example to highlight the power of psychology in getting people interested in your emails. Astrology services are among the most successful at email marketing. They know how to use your personal data to create content that speaks directly to you.

Have you ever requested a full astrology profile? It sounds as it was written especially for you. It has your name in the headline. And, they seem to know so much about you, the emotions you are dealing with, the struggles you face. The astrologer seems empathic and caring, as an ally in your daily life.

The content is so personalized, that when you reach the end of the email, you almost search for that link that up sells you a more detailed service. It’s impressive, to say the least. The good news is that you too can use psychology to get busy people not only to read your emails but also take the desired action. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you 6 top secrets to writing sales emails that prospect actually read. These are the best sales email writing tips.

6 Secrets to Writing Sales Emails that Prospect Actually Read

6 Secrets to Writing Sales Emails that Prospect Actually Read

1. It All Starts with a Magnetic Subject Line

While you looking top secrets to writing sales emails, this is most considering thing. According to Convince and Convert, 33% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone. And it does make sense. If the title isn’t relevant or it doesn’t inspire curiosity, why should subscribers like to opening your email. When writing a subject line, try to keep these five key elements in mind:

  • Curiosity
  • Urgency
  • Relevancy
  • Value
  • Emotion

A good example of enticing subject lines is President Barack Obama’s email fundraising campaign. He used subject lines such as “Join me for dinner,” “Hey” or simply “Wow” and short, concise email copy. Although incredibly simple, the strategy worked and most of the $690 million he raised online came from fundraising emails.

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2. Explore the Emotional Patterns of Your Audience

This is another essential thing while you are writing sales emails. You need this to exercise the empathy muscle. By understanding the emotional patterns of your audience, you can uncover relevant keywords that will keep the reader interested. Use online metrics to see the keywords your audience reacts to and sprinkle them across your email content to trigger a reaction in them.

3. Personalize

According to Buffer.com, a significant element of effective email marketing is creating a lasting relationship with your subscribers. No one wants to be addressed in a formal language, especially not in a medium so private as the email. Just as the astrologer in the example above, you need to personalize your emails to fit the needs of your prospects. That means using “you” and “I” and not being afraid to include a witty comment or question.

Pretend you are writing to a friend if you find it hard to personalize your emails. What would you tell him? How would you let him know about your offer?

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4. Provide Social Proof

Would you be more inclined to join an email list if you knew 10.000 other people were already subscribed?

People are social creatures. We have a fundamental need to belong and to feel closely connected to others. So, when a visitor sees that other subscribers have validated their decision to join you, they are more likely to give you their email address.

This phenomenon is called “social proof,” and it’s a powerful tool that can boost the number of your email signups. So, once you have a constant number of subscribers, tell in your signup form how many people have already joined your community.

5. Use Cliffhangers

A cliffhanger is an unresolved ending that leaves the audience eager to know what will happen next. It’s what keeps you glued to your favorite TV show or what makes you turn page after page instead of stopping at the end of the chapter.

Quick Sprout recommends you think of emails as part of a series. Each email is an “episode” that leads to the nest. This way, you tease your subscribers, and you keep them interested.

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6. Be Specific

This is also one of the top secret to writing sales emails that prospect actually read. Being vague isn’t going to help you keep subscribers interested. If you want prospects to be more responsive, you need to give them clear directions. According to a study from Carnegie Mellon University, people are more likely to respond to straightforward emails as opposed to complex ones that require too much brain power to read and understand.

In other words, you should end your emails with open statements, such as “Let me know how this trick worked for you” or” What are your plans for this week?” Don’t forget to include a clear call to action – buy this product, read this article, or subscribe to this service.

A lot of small business owners are struggling to write sales emails that convert into business. Try implementing the tips above and let us know the results you got.

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