Top 50 High Page Rank Do-Follow Blog list to Get Natural Quality Backlinks

Do you know how you can build do-follow quality backlinks through just commenting on Blogs? If you don’t, you can get here an easy method of it.  Because Today I am going to share with you Top 50 High Page Rank Do-Follow Blog list to Get Natural Quality Backlinks just by Commenting on there. Before this I would like to tell you something about Do-follow link and why it is important for your blog.

Top 50 High Page Rank Do-Follow Blog list to Get Natural Quality Backlinks

What is Do-Follow Backlinks?

New webmaster or blogger are confused regarding do-follow. Basically Do-follow link is that link which allow all the search engines  to follow them and reach to our website or blog through that link. If a blogger is connecting back to you through this link then both Search Engine and visitor will be capable to follow you.

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No-follow link is just opposite of this in all the way and are not profitable as much as do-follow links. Do-follow link is much beneficial for your blog because it directly make impact on your blog ranking in the search engine.

The more you make backlinks, the more will be the worth of your blog.For this it is very essential that the blog where you want to comment must have a do-follow comment method in it. So at First you have to choose the right one which has high page rank and a Do-follow comment method.

To make a successful blog, you need to make a lot of quality backlinks. Only Do-Follow backlinks are indexed by SERP.
“In general, we do follow them. This means that Google does transfer Page Rank or anchor
text across these links. Google indexed the entire do follow backlink which improve your   SERP result.”

Essentially Do-Follow link is the most preferable link to notify search engine for crawl your page. I am going to represent you below that how to create do follow link- Example:-

“<a href=””>Anchor Text</a>”

Now you are capable to add or edit the above HTML Code for to inform the search engine bot that you would like them to follow the link when search engine bot crawling your Blog.

Therefore do-follow link is the alert for search engine bot to follow those links to be indexed.
Here I have make a list of 50 Do follow high page rank blog which will support you to build a high page rank and successful blog.

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Commenting in some of these blogs or forums would absolutely increase your rank in SERPs over a short period of time. But keep remember that comment in a genuine manner so that your comment will get approved.

I am going to divide the backlink like .Com, .Org, .Net Etc.

Top 50 High Page Rank Do-Follow Blog list to Get Natural Quality Backlinks

.COM Do-Follow Blog List

  1.   (PR 4)
  2.        (PR 3)
  3.    (PR 3)
  4.    (PR 3)
  5.  (PR3)
  6.  (PR5)
  7.   (PR4)
  8.   (PR1)
  9.  (PR 1)
  10.  ( PR 2)
  11.    ( PR 3)
  12.    (PR 2)
  13.   ( PR 2)
  14.  ( PR 3)
  15.   ( PR 4)
  16.        (PR4)
  17.         (PR3)
  18.          (PR 4)
  19.  (PR3)
  20.  (PR2)
  21.       (PR2)
  22.  (PR2)
  23.  (PR2)
  24.    (PR1)
  25.     (PR3)
  26.      (PR4)
  27.        (PR6)
  28.           (PR2)
  29.  (PR2)
  30.    (PR2)

.ORG Do-Follow Blog List

  1.   (PR5)
  2.  (PR4)
  3.     (PR4)
  4.  (PR1)
  5.      (PR2)
  6.    (PR3)
  7.  (PR3)
  8.  (PR2)
  9.    (PR1)
  10.    (PR4)

.NET Do- Follow Blog List

  1. (PR6)
  2.  (PR4)
  3.  (PR4)
  4. (PR1)
  5. (PR2)
  6.   (PR4)
  7.  (PR3)
  8. (PR2)
  9.  (PR3)
  10.  (PR2)

Final World
I have formed this (Top 50 High Page Rank Do-Follow Blog list to Get Natural Quality Backlinks) awesome Blog list for you to obtain high pager rank backlink. If you have a website or blog which is also high page rank and Give do follow link after that you can share the link. I will absolutely publish your blog link in our list.

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