7 Most Common Must Avoid Mistakes that Violate Google AdSense Policies

Avoid Mistakes that Violate Google AdSense Policies- Every blogger knows that Google advertising network offer maximum revenue to the publishers as compare to other advertising network. That’s why adsense has some strict policies and terms of services which should always follow by their publisher. If any one of the adsense tos and policies did not fulfill by the publisher then it will be bann. It may be possible that after banned once time you cannot further participate in Google advertising network .Therefore you should keep in your mind that the step you are going to take is comply with adsense policies. Thus here I am going to reveal 7 must avoid mistakes that violate Google Adsense policies.

7 Most Common Must Avoid Mistakes that Violate Google AdSense Policies

7 Most Common Must Avoid Mistakes that Violate Google AdSense Policies

1. Generating invalid click

One of the major mistake by which many adsense publisher get banned is to make clicks on their own ads. Clearly, it is completely opposite of Google adsense tos therefore never click on your own adsense ads or either don’t say your friends to click on your adsense ads. If Google adsense team get to know about invalid click then your account will be bann surly.

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2. Paid web Traffic

Many bloggers used paid method to increase web traffic to increase adsense revenue. But my dear friends, it is also strictly against the Google adsense tos if Google adsense team found any violence against this policy your site will be banned and after that your site will not participate further more in Google advertising network. So don’t use paid method to increase web traffic.

3. Linking to site that doesn’t follow Google Adsense Tos

This is one of the reason due to which many website getting ban by Google adsense. It is very good that you follow each and every terms of services(Tos) of google adsense but if you create linking to that site which doesn’t follow or distribute illegal content, it also against the adsense tos. So must avoid creating linking from those site which doesn’t fulfill adsense Tos. Some example of illegal content like adult content, hacking tips and tricks and copied content.

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4. Changing the adsense code

It does not matter how big and professional programmers are you, but Google adsense never allow to its publisher to change the adsense code. Therefore never ever try to change your adsense ads code because it is also against the Google adense tos . If you do this mistake then Google adsense May ban your site.

5. Avoid Advertising label that encourage for Clicks

Some new publisher used to write a label on advertisement like click here, and see magic, Just one click away from x$, click to see sexy babe etc. for your kind information, this way you are encouraging users to click on your adsense ads which is strictly against the adsense tos. Therefore don’t write any advertisement labels that encourage users to click on the adsense ads by any way.

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6. Using Unsupported language

Suppose you get fully approved by Google adsense as a Publisher but now you are using ads code on that webpage which has a language that not supported by adsense so convert it in to which supported by adsense. This will also consider as a adsense TOS violence. so avoid to use that language which does not qualified Adsense TOS.

7. Copyright Material

 Even after become an Adsense publisher you have to always write unique content into your site. Never every try to copy content from other site because, this is strictly against the adsense TOS. If Google adsense team found copied content in your site then surely you are going to be banned by adsense. It may possible that after ban once you cannot participate further in adsense advertising network through that domain name. So avoid publishing copied content as much possible.

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