How To Fix Site Does not Comply with Google Policies Adsense Problem

As we know that Google Adsense proves to be a big sources of income for blogger who having a website or blog. It proves to be the most paying advertising network owned by Google. It is simple to get into Google adsense advertising network but for that you have to fulfill its each terms and condition like good quality content, visitors etc. I have seen many bloggers who repeditily complaint that they always get Google adsense reply that site does not comply with Google Policies and their blog or website is denied for Google adsense . In this article I am going to explain that “How to fix site does not comply with Google Policies adsense problem?”.

Site Does not comply with Google Policies

Now first it is Important to understand that what is site does not comply with Google Policies?

Site does not comply with Google policies this statement straight means that your site does not comply with Google Policies. Google adsense has assured policies on the foundation of which it Judges whether to approve a website or blog for adsense or not. Since all previews are human there is no shortcut way to get in to Google adsense. You will need to create your blog compatible with Google adsense policies. I will help you to make clear the most ordinary causes of the some.

Fixing site does not comply with Google policies problem

Step 1) Saturated Niche: –

Google dean many niches these days as saturated niches for which they already have more than enough advertisers. So if you are in the list of one of the most saturated niches. I would recommend you to switch you niche to a different them or add more content related to your niche to build it a mixed type niche for your blog or website. This must have fixed your problem if your niche lines in:

1)            Technology

2)            Blogging

3)            Making money

4)            And other saturated niches

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Step 2) Illegal content: –

Clean up all your content having hacking or hateful content from your blog or website as Google adsense policies is austerely against it specially if you are writing about Google products like Google+ or YouTube , never write any hacking or hateful related content which promote down fall of the business of Google products. If you have some wipe up your blog or website and try to apply again.

Step 3) Content Quantity: –

Yes right now I am discussing about content quantity make sure you have reasonable amount of content on your blog or website before you apply for Google Adsense. If you are having a blog or website then I would like to suggest you to have at least 50 or 50+ post on blog or website before you apply make sure it maintain quantity of your content. There after go ahead and apply for Google adsense. Some of the quick tips to follow:

1)            No plagiarism

2)            No hacking and hateful content

3)            Make user friendly interface

4)            Get reasonable traffic

5)            Follow guidelines, stay out of trouble

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