Cloud Computing: The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is one of the hugely popular terms that have gained widespread in the last couple of years. Cloud Computing has many benefits. With the enormous increase in the database used by this digitally prone 21st century, it has become a quite challenging task for the organizations and individuals to sustain their essential information, applications, and programs running on internal computer servers. The only solution to this problem is – Cloud Computing.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

You can easily understand the importance of Cloud Computing with these stats:

  • Around 95% of businesses claimed that they had seen an improvement in the data security after switching over to cloud.
  • More than 70% of organizations are already using Cloud Technology in one or more form.
  • Companies, those are investing in Cloud enjoy up to 55% rapid growth than their competitors.

These attracting data shows that businesses are now showing a keen interest in accepting Cloud Computing trend. They are using this robust technology more effectively in their business, improving the customer services and in return get the dramatic increases in the overall revenue models.

In this post, we have pointed out some valuable benefits of using Cloud Computing for your business as, still there are a number of entrepreneurs, who are remaining in doubts about the deliverable of Cloud Computing Solutions for their organizations.

But before moving ahead, we would like to tell you about, what Cloud Computing stands for.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a computing model in which a big pool of systems is interconnected via public or private networks. It provides a dynamic and scalable infrastructure data, applications and file storage. By using this technology, you can cut the cost of application hosting, cost of computation and content storage.

In simple terms, you can say that Cloud Computing allows users, organizations and individuals with several capabilities to store and process the data in public or private owned Cloud to make the whole mechanism much more smooth and reliable.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

1. Cost Effectiveness

If you are worried about the expenses on Cloud Computing courses, I can say that more than 30% companies are also concerned about this issue before switching over to Cloud. This technology works on pay-as-you-need which means you have the option to choose the data storage space as per your requirements.

You would not pay for the space that you don’t need. This factor ensures maximum returns in minimum costs. In 2015, most of the CEO’s and IT leaders accepted that all the cost savings in the year were the result of implementing cloud-based applications.

2. Security

Security is one of the major concerning issues which many organizations are thinking about. These concerns are evident because when your data is on remote access under Cloud, then how can you stop some hacking expert to do some criminal activities?

One thing that I am assuring you that the hosting provider of Cloud is entirely responsible for monitoring the security aspects of your entire system that is significantly more efficient than traditional system.

Around 95% of the businesses have seen an exponential saw improvement in security after switching over to Cloud. It also makes simpler to meet the government norms. Whenever any data in the Cloud transmits over network, it is supported by a secured encryption system due to which, it is less accessible to hackers.

3. Flexibility

This is a fact that as a growth-oriented business organization, if you spend all your attention on solving your current IT requirements and data storage issue, then probably, you might not concentrate on your business goals.

That’s why, when you rely on an outside entity to take care of your IT hosting and infrastructure, you will get more time to devote to your business. This is what Cloud readily offers you.

With Cloud, you get more flexibility in all concerning areas. Like if you need some more bandwidth, Cloud providers immediately meet your demand rather than going an expensive IT updates. This ensures a significant growth and efficiency of the organizations.

4. Increased Collaboration

Making collaboration is always among the top priority for a number of organizations for working on different projects. Cloud allows you to work as a team when conditions are not favorable for you to work from a particular location. It makes collaboration as a smooth process.

Team members can view and access any documents from anywhere in a Cloud-based environment. It increases your interest and involvement that directly reflects in the results. Collaboration in Cloud is the most simple, efficient and quicker than any other solution.

5. Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a part of the management that comes under an important aspect in the success of businesses. At present competitive business environment, even a little downtime can lead to a significant loss of your brand reputation and productivity.

Cloud Computing allows you to provide quickest data recovery in any emergencies due to unknown reasons. In a recently held survey, it has come out that 20  percent of the Cloud user’s claim that they had recovered their lost data in less than 4 hours.

6. Auto Software Updates

For all the growing business organizations, one of the most irritating things is when they have to wait for the system updates. It severely affects their working and results. With Cloud-based applications, you will get automatic updates, instead of going onto hectic manual updates.

This helps in saving some more quality time and money, and you can easily concentrate on your goals.

Wrapping Up

So, now I am pretty much sure that after reading this informative blog about Cloud Computing, you would be surely aware of the importance of Cloud in fulfilling your business goals.

With Cloud, you can even go beyond your thinking, but the only thing, which you have to keep in your mind is, before going with Cloud, first analyze your requirements and needs, only then switch over to it.

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