New Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2018

Do you want to overtake your competition in Google in 2018? Follow carefully the tips below. Increasing your site’s positioning in Google is becoming an increasingly complex process. You can not jump in the top, no matter if you use the rankings or not. Correct? I think it’s wrong. Totally wrong.

Many people firmly believe that SEO is no longer working and that trying to win positions in Google is a waste of time. Then, you’ll take a page with a product or promotion service in Social Media or PPC to get your money as quickly as possible.

The focus of many webmasters began to fall more and more on social networks. Indeed, social networks are an essential part of marketing, but because more and more people are focusing on them, SEO remains a less competitive field.

If you know what to do and how to do it, you can move on to Google much faster and better than ever. Google is a free traffic source, and by optimizing your site and working on the crucial components involved, you can get this traffic and make it grow steadily over time.

Google is the search engine with hundreds of factors and sub-factors in its algorithm, about which we can speak for hours. Understanding the most important SEO factors is the first step in getting on the right path as quickly as possible and finding the most important thing you need to focus on when optimizing your site. Next, Michigan SEO Pro will tell you which are the top 3 factors that will help you get to the top.

New Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2018

The Most Important SEO Factors in 2018

Most SEO analysts invest a tremendous amount of money to see the factors that most influence Google’s positioning. Search Engine Land has created a detailed report on this, as is Moz. From the analyzes of both companies, we find that three main factors have a significant impact on positioning.

The Periodic Table of SEO Factors seems to be very complicated at first glance, but if you take each factor and analyze it carefully, you can see that the most significant three factors are elementary to find. There is a difference in the elements between two distinct focus areas: On-Page and Off-Page Factors.

There are about 200 SEO factors according to recent studies. Let’s see which are the most important 3:

  • Links
  • The content
  • RankBrain

You must understand that each of these factors has many details and sub-factors that correlate with them. A few years ago, Social Signals dominated the top of the same report, since Google Plus dropped drastically as value, so the number of social signals diminished.

Google’s algorithm is still considering social signals, but they no longer have the same value.Many have changed.If you want to find out how to use these 3 SEO signals to improve your site’s position, read here and find the Periodic Table of SEO Factors.

New Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2018


The most critical SEO signal is the links. Surprise, is not it? It looks like we’re circling. Later, social cues lose their value and links become again the most important. Here comes a question mark. Are links not always the essential SEO signal?

The value of the link

The difference between 10 years and now is that Google places more emphasis on link quality. And here it counts the content in which the connection is found, the domains on which they come, the related pages and their relevance.

Moz calls this Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). These are measured on a scale of 0 to 100. The larger the number, the better the domain, the link. When you have backlinks on large DA and PA domains and domains, you increase the value of your links, as well as overall Google rankings.

Keep in mind that this is an artificial metric from Moz, Google having its specific algorithm that evaluates the quality of links, called Hummingbird. Moz analyzes this using predictions and speculations, setting these values ​​as indicative.

Each analytical company uses a specific metric. For example, Majestic has Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Ahrefs measures in Domain Rating and URL Rating. But everything is reduced to the same. Each domain and each page has a different value, and this value determines the quality of the links.

Check this out:

That being said, based on recent data, the value of each link comes more from ON-Page than those in the field. This means that the authority of the page you are linking is more important than the power of that domain.

The exchange of links, comments and other methods to get recommendations is still working and they are a good way to get quality links for your site. Getting links on high DA and small PA domains can still help in positioning. But these links will not be as great as the links on pages with higher authority of the respective fields. Be sure to diversify as much text anchors as you do the link building strategy.

Encore text

The most important thing to remember here is that you would prefer to have more links from different domains with relevant text anchors than to have more links on the same domain. The more relevant and targeted your backlinks profile, the more your positioning will grow more.

New Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2018


Google has continuously improved its algorithm to show the most relevant search results. They want to improve user experience by providing the most relevant results for search queries. This means that although you can have a strong backlink profile, you still need quality content. Thus, quality content needs strong links to be propelled into the top, and vice versa. It can be frustrating, but the reality is that if you produce quality content for lightweight and long tail keywords, you can easily benefit from this factor. Remember, content is an On-Page SEO factor.

This means you can optimize your site and page content, making sure your site is SEO-ready before you start. If you put all the details in place, you can benefit from much better positioning in Google, even when your content is not perfect.

Google means more value on the content of the user search than the authority of the links. When material responds better than other search results (according to Google), it will have better positions, of course, if it has a decent link profile for that result.

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