Interview with Erika Mohssen-Beyk Founder of Erikamohssen-Beyk

Erika Mohssen-Beyk Founder of Erikamohssen-Beyk

Erika Mohssen-Beyk Founder of Erikamohssen-Beyk

Hi, How are you all guys….?
I hope good and happy…!
Well I am also good…!
You will be quite happy to hear that this time I am going to interview a Canadian blogger. She is Erika Mohssen-Beyk founder of She is currently living in Canada and have been living in Iran and Germany before. I am sure, you will be inspire from each and every sentence said by Erika Mohssen-Beyk in this interview. She personally trust that “We are More Capable then We Think to do Anything “.
She is an experienced and most talented blogger with wide knowledge about self improvement, health and finess. Thus, the tips of Erika Mohssen-Beyk in this interview could help you to improve yourself as well as your blogging passion. And according to current status the Global Alexa Rank of Erikamohssen-Beyk is 416,048 and Alexa Rank in India is 76,235 as well as Domain authority of Erikamohssen-Beyk is 23.10. Let’s come on the point and take a look on a great conversation with Erika Mohssen-Beyk who is founder of

.1. Please Tell our Blog Readers Something About You and Your Blog.

!. Hi ,my name is Erika Mohssen-Beyk ,I have a blog with the same name . I am living in Canada right now and have been living in Iran and Germany before. My blog is about me and my experiences and about self improvement and things I am interested in, like health and fitness.

2. How you Introduce with Blogging?

I came to blogging not because I wanted to blog, I did not even know about blogging. I wanted to learn about internet and IM because I thought it is something important for the future.

3. Why you decide to become a Blogger?

I learned to know Lesly Federici, Monna Ellithorpe and Dr Erica Goodstone and we had Hangouts and these ladies encouraged me to have a blog and write even my English was not good that time.

4. How you will Describe Blogging in Your Way?

Having a Blog is in my opinion important for every company and business these days and Isee many can make a living with blogging and affiliate marketing. People are going to buy more in the internet.

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5. How much minimum (lowest) money is essential to Start a Blogging business?

Starting a blog does not need much money ,it needs a Internet connection. For a business it may be better to own the domain and the blog.

6. According to You What are the Best and Worse Things About Blogging?

The best things about blogging are that we can connect international and learn to know people from all over the world. For me this means nobody can tell people anymore this or that nation is bad, people from different nations learn to know each other. No matter what race color or tradition, all are human. Worse I saw until now only once and this was when blogging is used to spread lies and try to discriminate, but this is not common.

7. How You will Compare Your FIRST DAY of Blogging when You was Newbie and Now When You are EXPERIENCED?

The first day I was blogging, I had not the knowledge and was not very good in writing, now still I have sometimes to find the right words. Some technical things I am not good at, but in between I know so many helpful other bloggers which I can ask for help.

8. What was Your Aim to Start Erikamohssen-Beyk & Where You Want to See Your Blog after some 2-3 Years?

I started my blog with my name because it was the talk about branding and I think it is always good and for business important to see the human behind the blog. Who wants to comment on a logo? In my opinion it is important to put the name on the blog.

9. What’s your some Great Achievement from Blogging till Now?

I am not after achievements with my blogging, but I see I can sometimes encourage people or make them think, this is what I want.

10. How is different from other Similar Niche Blogs?

I do not know how my blog is different, maybe that it is not a special niche blog following an only one subject. I do not care about niche, I am the niche of my blog 🙂

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11. How You Monetize Your Blog

I do not monetize the blog specially, I offer programs which I think are beneficial for people.

12. According to You What Role Play SEO in Blogging?

SEO is important for money blogger, it helps to rank and get traffic.

13. Which are Most Better Ways to Make Money from Website According to You?

I think offering service or do affiliate marketing may be best to make money with a blog.

14. Do you Think Blogging can be Opt as a Career?

Yes I think blogging can be carrier and as we know there are many who can make a living with it and it may be more important in the future. This is why I wanted to learn about internet, I believe more and more people will start working from home.

15. Which are Your Most Favorite Blogs?

There are not many favorite blogs and I do not follow special ones. I can see while commenting and in groups what does interest me. Some I read more often is Marquita Herald, Abe Cherian, Eldon Taylor and Donna Merill’s posts.

16. Who are your Role Models in Blogging?

I do not have role models.

17. Would you Like to Share Your last Year 2015 Income of

I do not blog for income from my personal blog .

18. Any Blogging Tips You want to share with Our Blog Readers.

My tip is, if you start, do not expect all works over night, be persistent, and do not fall for shiny objects which only cost money and time. Whatever we need to learn about blogging is shared by other experienced bloggers and most of them are willing to help if there are questions.

Thank you, Amit , for thinking of me and having me on your blog.

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