Interview with Ashutosh Jha Founder of TricksRoad

Ashutosh Jha Founder of TricksRoad  

Interview with Ashutosh Jha Founder of TricksRoad

Here with us another India’s talented blogger Ashutosh Jha founder of to share with us his blogging experience and ideas. He is blogging since more than one and half year on Tricksroad. Therefore if you are fresher in blogging, his tips could help you to proceeding forward easily with positive output. And according to current status the Global Alexa Rank of Tricksroad is 180,818 and Alexa Rank in India is 25,020 as well as Domain authority of Tricksroad is 25.89. Lets come on the point and take a look on a great conversation with Ashutosh Jha.

Q.1 Please Tell our Blog Readers Something about You and Your Blog

Hey Amit, first of all, thanks for having me here. I am Ashutosh Jha and basically, I am from Bihar and residing in NCR since years.

I started blogging back in Sept’14 and was my first blog and it is my main blog as well. TricksRoad is mainly on Blogging & Marketing niche. Apart from this, I run few niche sites as well and write my experiences and experiments there.

Q.2 How you Introduce with Blogging?

I used to be a web developer but due to some consequences, had to leave it. But during that time I kept on working with some freelance SEO guys to provide the complete solution to my clients. So when I left web development, I found keen interest in blogging and with the help of one of my friend started

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Q.3 Why do you decide to become a Blogger?

If you are doing something of your own then definitely you will have to be updated with the latest trends in the market and about the clients’ need and that happened with me as well.

I remember once I was working on an e-commerce project and the client wanted us to provide complete solution including SEO and marketing. And we were not knowing anything about it.

So we started reading about it and got in touch with some amazing blogs like SML, QuickSprout etc. and really liked the way, these people express their thoughts and knowledge. And this took me too in blogging J

Q.4 How will you Describe Blogging in Your Way?

As per me, blogging is a way to showcase your thought, knowledge and helping hand. One should express their thinking in a way so that it can help the readers.

Q.5 How much minimum (lowest) money is essential to start a Blogging business?

If you will ask me frankly, then I will say the minimum is just $1 and that too to buy a domain. Start with Blogger platform, work on it and once you start making money, get on the professional CMS WordPress and buy whatever flavor you want.

But definitely, if you are an experienced and earning good then a better planning would suffice which may need some extra money.

Q.6 According to youwhat are the Best and Worse Things about Blogging?

Let me talk about the bad thing first-

If you are doing blogging because you love it then I don’t think you will be anything really bad. Last to last week on Sunday, I worked continuously for around 7 hours to launch one Niche site had to drop my pre-planned tour but that’s completely alright as I know this is my business and I enjoy doing this.

But definitely, sometimes it suffers like you won’t get much time for your family, friends and for you initially. Also, if your blog will get panelized then that will be another huge loss.

Now let me talk about good things-

I can write a book on the positive part of blogging J

It gives you complete freedom to work from anywhere and anytime. It not only gives you stability but also financial freedom.

Consider you are the owner and your blog as your boss and work hard. You will not have to wait for the month end to get money. Whenever you want, you can arrange the money you require J

But the important thing is how seriously you are taking it. There is no guarantee of success but if you will work hard no one can stop you from being successful.

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Q.7 How will you Compare Your FIRST DAY of Blogging when you was Newbie and Now When You are EXPERIENCED?

Well, please don’t laugh but when I thought of blogging I was not even knowing how to use Blogger and WordPress J

On one of the site, I had to add Blog section and I developed it from codeJ. But slowly I started learning from different websites and it was a great experience.

So if I will compare the first day and what I am now, there are much differences like content producing, how I am convincing my readers, ideas etc. which comes from experience only. I wrote a blog post when I received AdSense approval where I mentioned all my journey, you can have a quick look.

Q.8 What was Your Aim to Start TricksRoad& Where You Want to See Your Blog after some 2-3 Years?

When I started TricksRoad, it was just a place to share my knowledge and a way through which I can learn and grow.

But when I started getting some income out of it, I started it seriously and can say I am pretty much satisfied with it so far.

If I talk about the future plans about TricksRoad then I want to make it like a brand and maybe as a company where multiple other services/sites will work. And it’s great to share that I have already started working on it.

Q.9 What’s your some Great Achievement from Blogging till Now?

Money is the biggestmotivation factor. Few people may or not accept it but this is or at least I think. There are many achievements I have received so far like financial freedom, happy clients, some beautiful friends from blogosphere and personal satisfaction.

Another to count is when I receive emails from my readers like how I and blog have helped them, appreciation from the industry leaders. These all make my day and encourage to work more.

Q.10 How is different from other Similar Niche Blogs?

There are several blogs in the same niche I work for and all are doing well. All the bloggers share their knowledge and experiments as I do.

It’s the thing which method/trick works for the readers. I always try to provide what I know and what others may need.

Q.11 How You Monetize Your Blog com?

Affiliate marketing and brand promotions are the main ways through which I am monetizing TricksRoad. Sine sometimes I have also started giving services through my blog and it has also turned beneficial.

Q.12 According to You What Role Play SEO in Blogging?

SEO is very important in blogging or in any online business. It gives you visitors those are your customers in offline business.

Initially, we should work on SEO but once you will start getting authority, you will find your posts automatically ranked with some little effort but initially it is highly recommended.

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Q.13 Which are Most Better Ways to Make Money from Website According to You?

If you have high traffic sites, then any ad network can work best for you. If you are highly influential then affiliate marketing can produce awesome results.

Though there are several methods to earn from blog and this completely depend on your blog and you. Sit once and decide in which area you are good and focus on that and you will get success for sure.

Q.14 Do you Think Blogging can be Opt as a Career?

Definitely, if can be taken seriously. There are many people who are doing blogging as a career option like Harsh, Atish and much more.

Consider this as your business and make a mindset that this is what you have to do and see the success.

Q.15 Which are Your Most Favorite Blogs?

I read many blogs on daily basis. Whenever I find any good posts anywhere like on Social media/search etc., I try to read that or at least I save that in the pocket app for reading later. Recently, I found your blog post in social media post sharing time and I save it for further reading as found it very helpful.

Also, I follow some blogs very regular like SML, QuickSprout, HubSpot, Statista for data any much more.

Q.16 Who are your Role Models in Blogging?

I read both success and failure stories and tries to learn from it. I love to read income details, achievement details of bloggers and make plans as how I too can do those.

In blogging, I follow Neil, Harsh, Mathew, Matt and much more.

Q.17 Would you like to Share your last Year 2015 Income of

2015 was like my starting year and I mainly focused on establishing my blog and audience base and income was the secondary part. But that is giving the result this year and since Jan 2016 I am glad to share that I am much satisfied.

If I recall about the income of 2015 from TricksRoad, it won’t be much and somewhere around $4k-$5k but those work is giving amazing results in 2016.

Q.18 Any Blogging Tips You want to share with Our Blog Readers

Your blog is really awesome and you have some great audience base as well. As per my experience I would like to suggest, whatever you are doing, justify that and take it seriously.

If you are doing blogging, take it as a business, provide quality and you will do amazing. Don’t simply jump from one business to other as any business need sometime before it can give you fruits. Also, you should try different opportunities to make an amazing online living.

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